BTS’ Jungkook might be the next to conquer the fashion world after J-Hope, Jimin and Suga; excited ARMY imagines him as Calvin Klein ambassador


After J-Hope, Jimin and Suga conquered Paris Fashion Week as Dior and Valentino ambassadors, there’s much speculation that Jungkook might become the ambassador for Calvin Klein, and ARMY is already having quite the field day, imagining the youngest member at a fashion show. Recently, Cedric Murac, Global Head of Creative Calvin Klein started following Jungkook on Instagram, which led to Jungkook trending heavily on Twitter. The edits have already begun pouring in, with fans him sporting clothes from the brand.

ARMY never disappoints with memes, and one wrote, “A new level of unhinged from all of us if we get jungkook x calvin klein…”

Another added, “IMAGINE IF WE GOT A JungkookXCalvinKlein PROJECT OMG I CANT BREATHE.”

Other fans shared videos of Jungkook flashing his abs during the Permission to Dance concerts and one wrote, “calvin klein saw this and made sure that their team gets jungkook.”

Meanwhile, Jungkook has been mostly absent since Jin’s departure for military service in November, and fans are eagerly awaiting news from him. He is expected to be busy with his album, and had promised to release it after Suga.

Recently, sections of BTS ARMY got into fights with the fans of NCT 127 (NCzens), as they believed that the latter was being disrespectful to BTS.  During the course of their Live Jungwoo had revealed that whenever they went somewhere to eat, they were recognised as ‘another group’. Taeil asked if it was BTS, and Jungwoo tried avoiding admitting the name, when Mark and Johnny asked him to continue his story. Mark added that Yuta admitted that they were from BTS. He said, “No but I just thought it was like cute and funny how we went to drink tequilas and one of the servers mis-recognized us, and then they gave us more drinks as service.” Taeyong added, “In that case, you should thank that one group.”

Mark continued, “Well it wasn’t just that but that server was just very friendly with us in general and had good service.” However, BTS fans took umbrage at the fact that NCT127 referred to them as ‘that group’, while others pointed out the casual racism. Other fans just found the entire incident funny and shared memes, suggesting that BTS and NCT 127 get along well and they would not be upset at all.


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