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LUCKNOW: Tipple lovers have one more reason to cheer. A Chennai-based scientist along with his Sultanpur-based business partner have come up with a nanotechnology-based solution to prevent hangovers.
A product of Danta Ventures Private Limited (DVPL), a start-up incorporated in Sultanpur of UP last month, the colloidal solution infused with nanoparticles took five years to develop and has been approved by Biotech Testing Services and Tamil Nadu Test Housewhich conduct tests at FSSAI standards.
The company applied for a patent of their unique product on February 8.
Sudhir Reddythe CEO of the company and the freelance scientist who is the brain behind the revolutionary technology, said: “ I have been working on nanotechnology-based solutions for a decade, particularly on antimicrobial solutions. The major issue with alcohol is the oxidative stress it creates in the body, leading to hangover, headache, constipation and liver disease.” He has brought the technology at the exhibition at the Global Investors Summit here.
“Just two drops of my colloidal solution infused with nanoparticles releases multi-scale oxygen particles into the digestive system that catalyses the easy functioning of enzymes and helps in digestion and processing of alcohol in the body, enhancing the oxygen levels and thereby relieving the stress on the body, particularly liver, resulting in prevention of hangover and other negative effects,” said Reddy, who received a gold medal from the ministry of science and technology, in partnership with Lockheed Martin.
He has been trained by Stanford University in ‘Innovation Commercialization’ and is a management graduate from Madras University.
Shuchi Tandonthe co-founder and CMD of DVPL, who also has more than two decades experience in the hospitality sector and runs restaurant services in Sultanpur and Lucknow, said, “For over two decades I have observed the negative impact of alcohol consumption and aspired to find a solution to this problem. Our colloidal solution infused with nanoparticles is the true solution for hangovers. Now, we are launching an app-based bartending service called ‘Healthy Bar-on-Wheels’, leveraging our patent-applied nanotechnology that promises to combat the ill effects of alcoholic beverages.”


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