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NEW DELHI: Congress may reserve 75% of party’s committee memberships and posts, including the apex CWCfor various social groups and “youth”, in what may completely overhaul the organisation’s social profile, with predominance of members below the age of 50.
Fine-tuning the resolution adopted at the Udaipur ‘Chintan Shivir’ which declared that “50% of Congress office-bearers (in future will) be below the age of 50”, the party is now mulling a blend of age-related quota and those for social groups which are already in force in Congress appointments.
The option is being discussed by the “AICC constitution amendment committee” headed by Goodbye Soniand the final formula will be inserted in the party statute at the upcoming plenary session in Raipur.
As per the AICC constitution, composition of committees at all levels should mandatorily have 33% women and 20% SC/ST/OBC/minorities.
Sources said post-Raipurthe provisions may come in for a radical change, with strict implementation in future.
The amendment being discussed is that 50% positions should be reserved for SC/ST/OBC/minorities/women, out of which 25% should be for members below the age of 50 years. The remaining 50% positions for “general or open category” should have 25% members below the age of 50 years. While it will fulfil the Udaipur resolution of having half the office-bearers below the age of 50 years, popularly known in Congress circles as “50 below 50”, it will take the total quotas — social, gender and age — to 75%. The 50-year-plus office-bearers belonging to the general category, barring women, will be eligible for only up to 25% party positions.


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