Did you know that ex-YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki was Google’s first landlord?


NEW DELHI: Alphabet Inc’s YouTube chief Susan Wojcicki has stepped down after nearly a decade as the CEO of the world’s most popular online video service. Wojcicki, 54, was among Google’s earliest employees and has been with the parent company Alphabet Inc for nearly 25 years.

During her tenure at YouTube, which was acquired by Google in 2006, Wojcicki oversaw the growth of the video platform into a global phenomenon, with more than a billion monthly active users.
Although she became one of the most respected female executives in the male-dominated tech industry, Wojcicki will also be remembered as Google’s first landlord.
Rented garage to Google co-founders
Wojcicki played a critical role in helping Google during its initial days.
In September 1998 — shortly after Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin incorporated their search engine into a business — Wojcicki rented the garage of her Menlo Park, California, home to them for $1,700 per month.

Page and Brin — both 25 at the time — continued to refine their search engine in Wojcicki’s garage for five months before moving Google into a more formal office.
The duo then persuaded their former landlord to come work for their company.
Google Doodle, AdWords, image search
As Google’s first marketing manager, Wojcicki was responsible for developing and executing the company’s early viral marketing strategy.
She helped create the company’s longtime logo with designer Ruth Kedar, and spearheaded the first Google Doodles.
Wojcicki also oversaw the company’s first-ever AdWords sale, and also co-developed and launched Google Image Search with engineer Huican Zhu.
Wojcicki’s contributions to Google’s growth and success are significant. She helped to establish the company’s brand and image, and she played a key role in driving the early revenue growth that enabled Google to become the dominant player in online search and advertising.

Later, Susan went on to become a senior executive at Google, eventually rising to the position of CEO of YouTube in 2014.
In 2006, Google bought Wojcicki’s home to serve as a monument to the roots of a company now valued at $1.2 trillion.
During Wojcicki’s career at Google, Brin became her brother-in-law when he married her sister, Anne, in 2007. Brin and Anne Wojcicki divorced in 2015.
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