Empowering Small Businesses with Fydo’s Hyperlocal Marketplace

Fydo is on a mission to create a brand out of underrated local stores and small businesses that are popular among locals. With the power of their significant hyperlocal customer base, these businesses are getting a much-needed boost with Fydo. Satyajeet Patnayak, the founder, and co-founders Dharam Chand Patnaik and Sinchan Mishra say, “Brands have money, small businesses have Fydo!”

All such local firms are involved in selling their products but have no investment, resources, or platforms for marketing. Fydo is here to rescue them by popularizing their sales and discounts without spending on advertising. It serves businesses with tailor-made marketing tools to expand their customer base while also providing a dependable and efficient last-mile service.


The platform serves clients and business partners by addressing their diverse demands. They provide customers with the latest details on all available specials, discounts, and offers in their area. Customers can use this unique platform to identify the nearest new or local businesses that offer fantastic discounts on Fydo. Not just this, it also gives thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises a medium to sell their products locally.

Fydo supports businesses to maintain their expertise with full support and specialized training. Fydo is best for newbies in the business field to level up their company’s revenue. Customers get the tool for purchasing products at the lowest possible cost by opening just one app. No more hopping between apps to hunt for the lowest price. They can take advantage of offers relevant to them, explore the area, curated notifications, event spaces, etc., in addition to discovering offers and deals in various stores.


A product that has been trending all around the country recently was their Events Booking Platform with bylines of Insider/BookMyShow. It landed them an exclusive contract for four significant events in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Sambalpur, and Bhubaneswar, each filled with 5000+ participants within just a few weeks of its launch! This has opened another avenue for local cafes partnered with Fydo to scout events and easily manage bookings to establish themselves as a go-to hangout place.

Fydo is a hyperlocal ad-tech startup backed up by Microsoft and NASSCOM. Currently, it has more than 1 lakh customer downloads, 10,500+ merchants, along with 50+ PAN India brands. Fydo is one among the top 10% of startups that pitched at YCombinator. Customer satisfaction with redeeming offers and feedback has made them popular among the masses. With a rating of 4.8 on the Google Play store, they show quality with work. Their score goes to 50,000 offers that have been redeemed, and with its 100% MoM growth, it’s lending a hand to merchants to scale up their business in the hyperlocal marketplace.

Fydo has raised its last pre-seed round of $100k and reached its milestone of 1 lakh customer base successfully, proving its product-market fit. Currently, Fydo is in the process of raising its seed round to reach a 1 million customer base across ten cities in India.

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