Jan 15 | The Rise and Fall of Fashion 1750-1850


Join us at the Rising Sun Inn, in Crownsville, on January 15, 2023, at 1:00 p.m., for our Tavern Talk and Tour Series. This installment will feature Heather Hook. Heather started historic reenacting in 1990. Wanting to be as authentic as possible, she ran across her first original ladies Civil War dress in an antique shop and purchased it to study. She was immediately drawn into the world of collecting originals. The Heather Hook originals collection consists of men, women and children’s clothing and accessories from the years 1750-1980.

The Rise and Fall of Fashion: Fashions from 1750-1850. Nothing is more personal than clothing, and the types of clothing chosen can tell a lot about the person who wore it, as well as take a snapshot of the mindset of society during that time period. Heather will share original women’s clothing and accessories from the decades between 1750 and 1850, showing changing styles of ladies fashions. We will look at the decadent 1770s with their beautiful silks, the risqué 1800s with the Jane Austen Grecian style “barely there” dresses, and the staunch Victorian gowns meant to show modesty. Have you ever wondered what women wore under those gowns? We will cover that as well and the answers may surprise you.

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