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I know – it’s January and now is not the time to be buying big fashion ticket items like coats. But, despite my bank balance’s best warnings – and my better judgement – I couldn’t help myself from making an exception for a new Zara coat. Why, you ask? Well, one answer is that I have zero self-control. The other is that this coat looks wayyyy more designer than high street. Far from a seasonal ‘trend’ piece, I plan on wearing it for many years to come. Sooooo lemme tell you about it.

The coat I’m waxing lyrical about is an oversized chocolate brown shearling style. It’s everything I look for in an outerwear staple: versatile (in shape and colour), timeless and oh-so-cosy. Did I mention it’s also reversible? Yep, it’s basically two coats for the price of one. The first side is an aviator jacket finish, while the lining transforms the piece into a soft teddy coat. The pockets are also massive – another a big ‘YES’ in my books.

zara coat

Natasha Harding

I bought this coat on New Year’s Eve and wore it for the first time this weekend. And, no word of a lie, someone ran after me to ask where it was from. When I told her it was Zara, she exclaimed “REALLY?!” and I heard myself respond with, “I know right???” So yep, it’s not just me who thinks this coat looks spennier than it is, further justifying my purchase (for which I’m very grateful to said stranger). And, as luck would have it, it’s also available at UK Zara – woop and yay!

Shop the style here:


Double-faced reversible coat

As for sizing, the product description says it has a slightly larger fit than usual, and I totally agree. When it comes to coats though, I’m kinda partial to a slouchier fit as I’m not a fan of that feeling when you put a coat on over a jumper and it’s way too tight on the arms. So, for me, (slightly) bigger is better.

Aaaand here are some other alternatives:

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Natasha Harding is Fashion Editor (Digital & Print) at Cosmopolitan & Women’s Health UK.


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