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NEW DELHI: It is important for everyone in this country to see Parliament proceedings and understand the nexus between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and businessman Gautam Adanisenior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said on Monday.
Speaking at a public gathering in Kerala’s WayanadGandhi alleged that when he was talking about Adani in Parliament, PM Modi’s hands were shaking.

5 times when Rahul Gandhi brought up Adani’s name to target PM Modi in his speech

5 times when Rahul Gandhi brought up Adani’s name to target PM Modi in his speech

“Truth always comes out. All you have to do was to look at my face when I was speaking [in Parliament] and his face. Look how many times the PM drank water and how his hands were shaking while drinking water,” said Gandhi, who represents Wayanad constituency in Parliament.
‘Not scared of PM Modi’
The MP said that parts of his speech in the House have been expunged even though he did not insult anybody.
“I spoke in the most polite and respectful way. Most of my speech was edited out and not allowed to go on the record. I brought up the matter of Adani traveling with the PM to foreign countries and being awarded with contracts from those countries. I was asked to show proof with regards to what I said and I have written a letter to the Lok Sabha Speaker with every point they have removed along with supporting proof,” said Gandhi.

“I do not expect my words will be allowed to go on the record. The PM of the country directly insulted me but his words are not taken off the record. He said why is your name Gandhi and not Nehru,” said the Congress leader.

Why my words were expunged, questions Rahul Gandhi

Why my words were expunged, questions Rahul Gandhi

“The PM thinks he is very powerful and people will get scared of him. The PM doesn’t realise the absolute last thing I am scared of is Narendra Modi. It doesn’t matter if he is the PM of India. Because one day he will be forced to face his truth,” he added.

Gandhi meets family of slain tribal man
On Monday, Gandhi visited the house of a tribal man who was found dead near Kozhikode medical college recently. Vishwanathan (46) was found hanging near the medical college hospital at Kozhikode on February 11, where his wife was admitted for delivery.
The family suspected foul play behind the tribal man’s death.
After visiting the family, Gandhi alleged that Vishwanathan was the victim of a mob trial and a comprehensive probe should be carried out into the incident. “Viswanathan’s family should get justice,” he said in a tweet in Malayalam, posted on his Lok Sabha office account.
Continuing his constituency visit, Gandhi later met the beneficiaries of the Kaithangu project — a project to build houses for those in severe need — and also attended a meeting of DISHA, a district development coordination and monitoring committee.
This was the first visit of Gandhi to his constituency after successfully completing the over 4,000-kilometre long Bharat Jodo Yatra from Kanyakumari to Kashmir on January 30.


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