Record amount of students travel to March for Life


Hillsdale College for Life sent a record-high number of students to the March for Life. Courtesy | Evalyn Homoelle

In the past 15 years, only a snowstorm and a pandemic forced Hillsdale students to miss the March for Life.

On Jan. 20, 140 Hillsdale students headed to D.C.: the largest group ever, according to Hillsdale College for Life President Sabrina Nardone. Hillsdale Academy students also attended for the first time with the college.

In celebration of the overturn of Roe v. Wade in June, Hillsdale For Life planned a longer trip to Washington D.C. this year that included an overnight stay in a hotel.

Since the first trip, over 100 students have attended, filling two buses for an 11-hour drive to the nation’s capital, according to Nardone.

Vice President of Hillsdale College For Life Kathryn Reid said going on the March requires sacrificing a full weekend.

“This isn’t just a weekend away. This is for the 2,300 children whose lives are ended everyday because of abortion,” Reid said.

Hillsdale College For Life partners with Protect Life Michigan, whose goal is to make abortion “illegal and unthinkable,” Reid said.

Hillsdale College For Life applies this goal on campus by making the pro-life cause accessible.

“We want to show that this is something that people can get involved from the legal side, argumentative side, and from the religious side,” Reid said.

Planning the annual trip to the March for Life is Hillsdale College for Life’s largest task.

“It’s the biggest display of pro life beliefs in our country every year,” Reid said. “It’s just something that we believe is important that we want to give everyone the opportunity to get involved with.”

Hillsdale’s commitment to the pro-life movement goes back to its founding, according to Adelaide Home ’20, Coordinator of Protect Life Michigan

“The college was founded by free-will baptists who refused to discriminate on the basis of race or sex, instead recognizing that all humans possess equal rights,” Home said. “Today, we must recognize that the unborn are human and possess equal rights, despite our society’s attempts to forget that.”

Associate Professor of German Fred Yaniga agreed that Hillsdale’s pro-life stance compares to its abolitionist history.

“Standing up for the lives of the weakest and most vulnerable among us, the unborn, must be a core value of the political consciousness of our students,” he said.

Yaniga said he recalls seeing a Hillsdale College For Life table in the Grewcock Student Union during his first visit to campus in 2010.

“It was exciting to see how active and engaged the Hillsdale students were on this topic, and I was sold on the college from that moment on,” Yaniga said.

Reid said the opportunity to visit America’s capital and see historical records — joys of the founding and sorrows of past unthinkables such as the Holocaust — moves students to guard America’s values. Students who attend are encouraged by the hundreds of thousands of people marching for life.

“We’ve had a couple people comment on how they didn’t realize how widespread of an issue this was,” Reid said. “It helps you realize that, while we’re in a bubble, there are people all over the country who feel similarly.”

Reid said the number of people testifies to the truth of the pro-life stance.

“From every perspective the pro-life cause wins: biologically, legally, religiously, morally,” Reid said. “It’s obvious that the pro life movement is the most powerful and will be the one to win.”

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