Travel tips ahead of championship Sunday


TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – People have already started making their travel plans for yet another Chiefs championship game.

As soon as the Chiefs defeated the Bengals Sunday night in the AFC Championship, fans immediately began looking into travel expenses to Arizona for the big game in two weeks.

“It tends to happens as soon as the game is over,” said Ben Breit of Air BnB.

Breit says for a big event like this, plans are often made months in advance which could leave some Kansas City fans scrambling for other options.

“In the nature of these types of really really big events, and there have been plenty of public reports as it relates to the Phoenix area that hotels have been pretty much gone for many many months,” Breit said.

He also says to be aware of potential scams when looking for a place to stay.

“If someone’s asking you to wire them money via what they want you to believe is an AirBnB, that’s typically a huge red flag,” said Breit.

Scott Martin of AAA has some advice for fans looking to make the trip to Arizona.

“If you want to go, book now… now’s the time because the closer it gets, the more the prices are gonna go up. I was just doing some price checking this morning and Motel 6 in Phoenix is running right at about $300 a night and everything goes up from there,” Martin said.


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