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I have a confession to make. I have never been skiing. Initially, I just couldn’t be arsed with the cold – actually, that coupled with the fact that I’m not the most graceful person on ice generally put me off wanting to ski.

Over the past few years, the desire to ski has grown in me more and more and now, I can wholeheartedly say I am definitely up for a skiing holiday.

Now that little hurdle has been crossed, the next and I guess the biggest question is, where do I go skiing?

I’m pretty open with regards to location and so I have cast the next far and wide and this is what I have come up with like my top 10 locations to potentially go on my next (i.e. first) skiing holiday!

1.) Banff, Canada

Even without the excuse of going skiing, Banff is a place I’ve always wanted to visit and so having the opportunity to not only visit this amazingly beautiful gem in Canada but to also get to ski here would be pretty brilliant.

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2.) Kranjska, Slovenia

The 10 Best Places To Go On A Skiing Holiday! (2)

Resplendent in the lush green landscape which is quite frankly, not synonymous with anywhere that has lots of snow, Kranjska appears to be a breathtakingly beautiful place to ski on some days and go for long leisurely hikes on the other days.

3.) Chamonix, France

Dining 3032 Metres High In Tignes, France (44)

This is probably one of the most famous skiing locations for most British people.

Pretty much everyone I know has been here and I’m inclined to think that there must be a reason for that!

4.) Kandersteg, Switzerland

A Journey To Jungfraujoch And The Beautiful Town Of Interlaken, Switzerland (4)

This is a pre-cursor to another post but encompasses so many places I visited.

The landscape is so beautiful that this is not only a winter skiing destination but also a rather picturesque summer holiday destination too!

5.) Levi, Lapland

The Northern Lights Village And Star Arctic... In Lapland, Finland (14)

To be entirely honest, the main reason Lapland came to mind is a childish dream of heading off skiing with Santa (perhaps even coupled with the remote possibility of bumping into Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer).

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6.) Voss, Norway

This Is The Best View In Tromso, Norway... (11)

I remember this name from the bottle of water I keep seeing in shops, but this got me interested in looking at Voss.

And, from all indications, skiing in Voss is a must-do (in fact, it was so good, it got a water franchise named after it; the water is not actually bottled in Voss).

7.) Livigno, Italy

The 10 Best Places To Go On A Skiing Holiday! (4)

Set 1,816 metres (5,958 ft) above sea level, Livigno is one pretty high ski resort area. Parts of it are considered one of the highest inhabited places in Europe.

8.) Jackson Hole, USA

The fact that this is in the Grand Tetons region is enough reason to come visit but Jackson Hole also possesses a diverse range of wildlife.

Definitely, a place to visit for a truly authentic American holiday experience it appears whilst enjoying the original plan of also going skiing.

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9.) Ischgl, Austria

I mean look at that white landscape covered in snow!

This is a great place to ski as it caters to a diverse range of audiences – ranging from first-timers to experienced skiers! The little village here is pretty cute and quaint too so this is a great place to pop into after you’ve been skiing (or if you turn out to be really awful at it).

10.) Cerro Catedral, Argentina

Finding Wild Moose And Skiing In Sunshine Village... In Banff, Canada (23)

The GAP year’s student’s ultimate skiing paradise, located in Patagonia in Argentina (which has strong Welsh connections – as a random aside), this is one of those places you apparently have to visit when in the area!

I imagine this to be a good place to start to learn skiing due to the influx of fairly new skiers.

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