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Florida has a heap of incredible beaches to visit. It’s the most incredible state to visit for its glistening water and sandy beaches. Best of all, with so many spots around, it’s easy to visit the best beaches near Orlando whilst on a wider trip to Disneyworld or Universal Studios.

In less than two hours, you can arrive directly at some of the best beaches in the US. Not only that, they’re award-winning too!

So, to make your trip nice and easy, I wanted to share some of the best beaches near Orlando that you should definitely visit. Have the most incredible time exploring the sunshine state.

1.) Cocoa Beach

Best beaches near Orlando to visit

Being one of the closest beaches to Orlando, Cocoa Beach is where most people flock when they want a quick escape from bustling theme parks.

Around a 60-minute drive, you’ll find Cocoa Beach on the Space Coast and mingle with the waves and surfers. You can also rent a bike, ride some boogie boards and build sandcastles. It’s a totally family-friendly beach and lots of fun.

Best beaches near Orlando to visit

Of course, another total gem on the beach is its pier, Cocoa Beach Pier.

This 800-foot work of art is where you’ll find live music, pretty shops, fancy restaurants and amazing views. You can also take some surfing lessons at Ron Jon’s Surf School if you like.

Getting peckish? Head over to Jazzy’s Mainely Lobster. Their fresh lobster, clam chowder and key lime pie are so good.

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2.) New Smyrna Beach

Best beaches near Orlando to visit

Occupying a 13-mile area of Florida’s Atlantic coast, New Smyrna Beach is regarded as the locals’ beach and best beaches near Orlando to visit.

The beach is a go-to for both locals and visitors since it is also close to Orlando and well worth taking a gander if you want long stretches of gorgeous shoreline to explore.

Here, you can stroll Flagler Avenue’s five blocks, too, and find boutiques, shops and eateries. We loved Norwood’s; a restaurant and treehouse bar. It has a pretty relaxed vibe and the shrimp and grits are totally tasty.

A lot of people travelling in groups are present in New Smyrna Beach for it offers tourists a great surfing place. The fine and walkable sand is also perfect for beach cycling, and biking into the waves is possible.

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3.) St. Augustine Beach

Best beaches near Orlando to visit

St. Augustine itself is a charming town, but it gets better as you explore the place. If you are on the search for a family-friendly beach, St. Augustine Beach is the answer.

Here, you can bodyboard, fish, ride a bike, swim and run on this beach. Though, running is never something I wanna do on a beach!

It’s one of the best beaches near Orlando, especially as you’ll get to see St. Augustine Lighthouses. Which, has a magnificent view of the city and the ocean.

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4.) Flagler Beach

Best Beaches near Orlando To Visit

In between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach, you’ll find the quiet Flagler Beach.

Being a perfect spot for swimming, sunbathing and surfing, Flagler Beach still has enough space for all the beach bums looking for the best beaches near Orlando.

Best beaches near Orlando to visit

You do not need to fight through crowds to enjoy the golden sand and warm water.

There are lots of little restaurants and shops around, too. This means you don’t need to plan too much before your visit.

Getting peckish? Head over to the Oceanside Beach Bartheir mahi-mahi and scallops are delicious.

Oh, and don’t forget about the fishing pier on the beach, too. Yes, you have to pay some coins to walk on the deck but it’s a lovely stroll.

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5.) St. Pete Beach

The Beautifully Colourful City Of St Pete, Florida (9)

Filled with white picket fences and several buildings in pastel colors, St. Pete Beach is not your ordinary getaway destination. We ended up spending quite a while at St. Pete and loved every second.

It offers a great view, and every part of the beach is picture worthy.

You can also start at Don CeSar Hotelwhich we booked into. It’s a historic venue which opened in 1928 and totally gorgeous. The view of the sunset is just epic at the property.

This quintessential beach will surely give you a one-of-a-kind trip you will never forget.

You can also check out the shops, art galleries, street art and restaurants in St. Pete, too. to find something you can bring back home or take pictures of.

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6.) Canaveral National Seashore

Best beaches near Orlando to visit

Fancy a more chilled-out, quiet beach? Then the sandy dunes and fine sand at Canaveral National Seashore have you covered.

This place has Florida’s longest stretch of unspoiled shore and is well worth a gander.

Around 65 miles from Orlando’s north entrance, it’s one of the best beaches near Orlando to visit for a day trip. Best of all, you will reach this magnificent spot where you can forget all your worries. It’s totally chilled.

There are a lot of activities present in the area, too, to keep you and your friends entertained. You can go swimming, fishing, hiking or just unwinding on the beach.

However, there are no stores near the area, so you should prepare your basics like drinking water, snacks and sunscreen. If you like undeveloped shorelines, this is your spot to visit.

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7.) Melbourne Beach

Best beaches near Orlando to visit

Melbourne Beach is set on a barrier island, and this is why this magnificent beach offers you miles of unspoilt beaches.

perfect for surfing, taking a dip or just chilling on the sand, it’s one of the best beaches near Orlando if you want to head a bit further south from Cocoa Beach.

Best beaches near Orlando to visit

Also, there are three popular beach parks in Melbourne that you can visit whilst here.

First is Sebastian Inlet State Park. The emerald-clear waters and fine golden sand give you the perfect atmosphere to scuba dive, ride a boat and go fishing. The next one is Coconut Point which is a popular nesting site for lovely sea turtles.

Lastly, Ponce de Leon is where you’ll find the nicest restaurants and charming shops in town.

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8.) Treasure Island

Best beaches near Orlando to visit

Another beach on a barrier island is Treasure Island Beach. The three-mile sandy beaches with white are best for some afternoon or morning walks in the surf. Sounds cheesy, but it’s lovely here.

It’s all totally laid back and chilled and easily one of the best beaches near Orlando to visit on your trip.

Plus, the beach is kid-friendly, too, with facilities perfect for swimming, snorkelling and more. Best of all, you can also take the Beach Trolley to go from beach to beach or from shops to restaurants with ease.

9.) Clearwater Beach

48 Hours In Clearwater Beach, Florida (8)

You can find Clearwater Beach on the Mexico Gulf, and it’s a spot not to miss!

Clearwater Beach is one of the most beautiful and amazing beaches you’ll ever find; not just in Florida, but all the US.

48 Hours In Clearwater Beach, Florida (66)

The white sand and palm trees will keep you company for as long as you want, and there are other spots in the area you can explore.

You can go biking or just stroll along the promenade which is lush.

The sunset and sunrise can also be beautifully observed on the beach, so regardless of the time you wake up, you can certainly catch the sun in this place.

Kids are safer on Clearwater Beach, too, because there is a lifeguard and a swim zone. That being said, you always have to be cautious with the sea, so don’t let children run unaccompanied into the water. Swells and currents could still happen.

It’s one of the best beaches near Florida and you can easily visit for a day, or longer, as we did. We spent a good few days in Clearwater Beach and loved our stay.

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10.) Fort De Soto Park

Best beaches near Orlando to visit

Known as Pinellas County’s biggest park, Fort De Soto is a must-visit and one of the best beaches near Orlando to pop over to. Stretching over more than 1,136 acres, you have loads of space to yourself.

The palm hammocks, native plants, hardwoods, mangroves, wetlands and beach plants are some things city people do not often see, so they say that being in Fort De Soto brings them closer to nature. It’s just so nice.

There are 300+ bird species in the park, too. Plus,  loggerhead turtles nest in Fort De Soto between April to September that you might even spot.

For activities, you can go kayaking, canoeing or biking to fully explore the park that’s just so stunning and chilled. Just take lots of sun protection, the sun is strong here.

11.) Indialantic

Best beaches near Orlando to visit

Just shy of Melbourne, the small town of Indialantic can still be considered a hidden gem in lots of ways and is well worth taking a gander when looking for the best beaches near Orlando to visit.

In lots of ways, visiting Indialantic will give you some old-time Florida vibe where there are no huge crowds, fancy shops and pretensions. It’s all chilled and there’s such a nice vibe about it.

Looking for activities? Check out the Sea Turtle Preservation Society. You will learn a lot in this part of Indialantic and you will also have the chance to see turtles up close and walk with them.

Oh, and don’t forget to stop off at Nini’s Cuban Cuisine. It’s totally informal and well-priced; the empanada and Cuban sandwiches are so good.

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