I don’t know about you, but my fall travel seems to be ramping up. I am excited for upcoming trips to NYC and Dallas this September. I am also planning a trip to London as well as heading to Charleston in November – and that is all before the holidays begin! Whenever I travel, whether it be a quick flight or a longer haul, my goal is to always feel comfortable but always feel put together. Today I am going to walk you through some of my ideas and strategies to get travel ready. You’ll see a few of my key steps to putting together a great airport outfit: comfortable and refined pants, footwear you know can work all day, all of the right layers, and of course, the right accessories for the job!


Let’s start with what to wear on bottom with some of the pants and denim options that I love for travel days. I absolutely don’t mind traveling in jeans as long as they have stretch and aren’t too tight. Right now my go to travel denim are these straight leg jeans, these high rise jeans, and these more relaxed denim. Typically I love a bit of a crop or ankle length as I find them to work better with various shoe options while visually looking great. If you are looking for an alternative to denim I would HIGHLY recommend these relaxed cargo pants that I have been wearing lately on repeat. They are a great cut and are super easy to style – for travel and beyond. In cooler travel months you may find me in these great leggings!


Once I figure out my pants choice my next unlock for a great airport outfit is the shoes. I normally would reach for a refined sneaker or loafer, but also will travel in a comfortable boot, particularly if I am trying to save space in my luggage. I have been wearing these sneakers all season and plan on traveling in them A LOT this month. This brand is one of my other favorite sneaker brands. I also adore these loafers as well as these loafers. Another good option? A great ballet flat. The Chanel ballet is perfect for a flight but I am also loving this chic flat I recently picked up. In the summer months I will opt for no socks or no show socks but in cooler temps I will add a visible sock to complete the look and add a bit more comfort and warmth.

Step 3: LAYER UP

Okay next up in my airport outfit steps are the layers! I always wear a third piece (even in the dead of summer) as airports, taxis, and airplanes can often be unpredictably chilly. My third piece of choice is typically a great blazer or a quilted jacket. If you are looking for a travel-friendly blazer I highly recommend this one, this one, and this one. As for quilted pieces, this one, this one and this one are my favorites at the moment. In addition to a third piece I also always carry a cashmere wrap. I am still wearing the wrap from my old Nordstrom collection that I love, but this oversized wrap, as well as this one are also cozy options. 


When it comes to completing an airport outfit you simply can’t forget the accessories. For years I have been carrying this tote that is specifically designed to slip over that handle of a hard case carry on. It is lightweight, can go over the shoulder or act as a crossbody, has so many great interior and exterior pockets, and has been durable and easy to clean. However, I did just take a quick trip and brought along this quilted bag and absolutely LOVED it. I feel as though it isn’t quite as functional as my Jimmy tote, but was functional enough while being much more of a fashion statement. When it comes to travel bags my two non-negotiable rules are that they must have a top zip and they must be able to be worn over the shoulder or as a crossbody. 

Once I have my airport outfit idea figured out there are a couple add-ons that I can’t live without. I always organize my luggage with packing cubes and these are some of my favorites! I also air tag everything that I can for peace of mind. Unfortunately we all know what a nightmare travel can be, and with all the delays and cancellations I like to feel protected knowing exactly where my bags are at all times. I also never leave home without a lightning charging cable. These wonders charge phones SO quickly – I don’t know how I used to live without them.


Occasionally during summer travel I will mix it up and wear a knit dress as an alternative to pants and switch up my heavier scarf options for something more lightweight like a silk scarf. This dress (see how I styled it here) and this dress are excellent travel companions and I love so many of the silk scarf options here. Alternatively, in the cooler winter I may trade in my blazer or jacket for more of a true coat option. This one and this one are both on my winter must-have list.

Well that is all I have for my airport outfit ideas and how to get travel ready, but stay tuned, later this month I will post a huge round up of my favorite quilted pieces for the season as well as a guide to all of my current favorite denim fits and washes. As always you can see more of what I love here, and more of what I have been wearing lately here.


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