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Amazon Prime Day officially starts tomorrow, but the deals have already started! While I mostly talk about fashion here on Atlantic-Pacific, when it comes to this sale I typically find the best deals on home products, tech gadgets, and beauty items. My list of favorites from the sale this year aren’t as sexy as say this sequin postbut they are items that I love and use frequently…and are now deeply discounted. When it comes to shopping for great deals on fashion pieces, I have been hitting the sale sections of Saks, Nordstrom and Moda HARD.

Let’s jump into what I picked up this year – all of the items that are included in the early access portion of the sale.


When annual sales like Amazon Prime or Nordstrom roll around I really try to stick to only buying what I need and items I feel like I would want and would buy even if they weren’t discounted. This year I had three things on my list. I had been holding off until Amazon prime day to buy: a new printera mattress topper, and more Apple lightning charging cables (I swear they just walk away from my house). Tomorrow, once ALL the deals are live, I’ll want to browse the beauty selection and kitchen gadgets to see if there is anything I use/need replaced that is included. Below is a quick list of the items I bought so far and why:

APPLE CHARGING CABLES: As I mentioned chargers seem to just *walk off* in this house. I figured there would be a deal on lightning chargers in the sale and luckily there is one and it is part of early access here.

A NEW PRINTER: Our printer finally called it quits, so I was on the hunt for a new one. The only qualifications I was looking for were it needed to be highly rated, wireless, and under $100. I don’t typically print in color or need any extremely high resolution printing so that really opened up the options. The best deals I found so far were on this printer, this oneand this one. I ended up buying this one! While browsing I am also very tempted by this lil cute label maker!

MATTRESS TOPPER: I know what you are thinking now at this point ‘WOW what a riveting shopping list’ LOL. I hated our old topper and have been doing some research on a new one to replace it. This one was in my top three and went on early sale so I took the plunge!

Like I mentioned I will be checking in tomorrow to see what other deals pop up and add to my cart! Below I am highlighting a few other items I own and love that are included in the early Prime Day Deals.


DYSON CORDLESS VACUUM: I am not joking when I say this is one of my favorite things I have ever owned. I love vacuuming – I find it therapeutic and makes me feel productive while also allowing me to zone out. I got my Dyson about two years ago and have loved everything about it. Speaking of obsessions, my other favorite cleaning tool is also discounted right now here.

BAMBOO SHEETS: Living in Florida and running hot while I sleep I am always looking for sheets that are lightweight and cooling. These have been amazing and come in so many colors.

A FEW EVERYDAY BEAUTY ITEMS: A few of the items I have in my beauty rotation are on sale like these eye patches, this palette and this board bristle brush. I have a feeling A LOT of the beauty deals will be rolling out tomorrow so I am going to check back in.

AROUND THE KITCHEN: I buy a lot of my household/kitchen items on Amazon and right now my favorite glass storage containers, utensil cooking set and electric scrubber are all included in the sale.

As I mentioned I will be adding to this list tomorrow based on what goodies are added! Check back here to see what other items are added tomorrow that I feel like are worth it to add to your cart this year.


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