Cut Out Dresses for Summer: Chic and Tasteful Styles


Cut-out dresses seem to be an incredibly polarizing topic, people either love them or hate them. If you If you happen to not like them, I’m hoping this post opens you up to the idea that maybe you shouldn’t completely write them off. Today I’m going to highlight my favorite cut-out dresses for summer. I’m also going to share a bit about how you can style these dresses in more chic and tasteful ways. If you’re on the fence, I encourage you to glance through this roundup of dresses. And who knows, by the end of this post you just might surprise yourself and join team cut-out!

You might be thinking that a cut-out dress is undoubtedly going to be revealing. However, there are currently tons of different types and variations of dresses with cut-outs. Many of these are actually very classic and chic. For example, I recently wore this gorgeous black and green gown in Paris and I didn’t feel anything other than elegant. I actually consider myself to be someone who prefers to be quite covered up. When it comes to hemlines and deep v’s, I typically stick to the conservative side. However, I do love to play with a little cut-out peek-a-boo here and there! With that being said, you won’t be finding me in anything too revealing. I much prefer cut-out dresses that are tasteful with less skin exposure. Here are a few quick tips I use for finding great dresses with cutouts:

  • Shop around! While sites like Revolve are bursting at the seams with cut-out options, there are actually great cut-out dresses at just about all of my favorite retailers. You can typically type “cutout” in the search bar to see all of the options.
  • Keep the balance. If a dress has a significantly large cutout, I find it’s best to keep the balance with a midi or maxi length to avoid showing too much skin.
  • Don’t be scared to try something new. If you’ve never worn a cut-out dress before, it might seem a bit intimidating. However, I encourage you to actually try on a few different cutout options. You might be surprised at how you feel once you’re wearing the dress!

Summer Cut-Out Dresses

Now for the fun part! I’m going to walk through some of my current favorite dresses with cutouts. Today’s roundup of summer dresses includes everything from dressy to casual and affordable to statement investment pieces. Ready, set, go!

Cut-Out Sundresses

I’m kicking it off with some of my favorite cut-out sundresses. These styles are perfect for a Sunday brunch with friends or a picnic in the park. You know how much I love a great summer print. So, it’s no surprise that this puff sleeve dress (currently on sale!), this blue and white printed cut-out dressand this green lace strapless dress are high on my sundress wishlist.

Speaking of summer prints, cross cove has quickly become one of my favorite brands and they happen to love playing with tasteful cutouts. They have so many beautiful dresses right now that it’s impossible to choose a favorite! For me, it’s a tie between this striped midi dressthis black and white printed dress with barely there cutoutsand this green and white printed halter dress.

Another brand to turn to if you love a bold print and you aren’t afraid of ruffles is Ulla Johnson. This brand is a great starting place for cut-out dresses because many of their styles only show a sliver of skin. Right now I would say this midi dress with its very small keyhole cut-out and this tasteful halter dress are my two favorites! Also, Ulla Johnson dresses always get bonus points in my book because you can layer them with turtlenecks, blazers, coats, and boots to wear them into the fall – as seen here!
There are a few other cut-out sundresses worth noting. First up, this pink lace dresswhich has stunning details and is such a pretty color. This yellow cut-out dress and this orange dress with fun side cutouts are both under $150. And this cream maxi dress proves that cutouts can be feminine and sweet!

Cut-Out Dresses for a Night Out

Okay, okay, okay…there are a lot of amazing evening wear and cocktail options with fun cut-out touches! Are you looking for a truly elegant evening dress? This black maxi dress is by far my favorite. But, I also adore this floral cut-out frock and this voluminous gown. If you blink, you might miss the cutout in the latter one (hint it is at the shoulder behind the bow)! Last weekend I saw another influencer wearing this gold exaggerated keyhole dress and I fell in love with it. It will be a big contender if I end up having an event to attend in the near future!

Are you looking for something a little less formal and a little more cocktail? Have no fear, I have plenty of favorite cut-out dresses in this style as well! My current favorite is probably this green sequin dressit’s just so much fun! And if you love that one as much as I do, you will probably also like its mini-friend in lilac. If you’re wanting cocktail attire with a little less sparkle and shine, this LBD and this one are two cut-out dresses that can live in your closet for years to come. I love that they can be worn in so many different ways – and they’re both on sale!

Cut-Out Mod Style Dresses

After seeing this black dress on Mary last week I ordered it in a flash! It got me thinking about how much I am loving all of the mod vibes I am seeing this season. There are so many cut-out dresses with a 60’s flare that I wanted to dedicate a section of this post to them!

If you are looking for a dress similar to this cut-out dressbut in a more casual vein, I love this black and white jersey dress. For those who love a good mini dress, you’ll want to check out this fun summer dress (it just dropped this week!) and this cut-out dress. Both of these options would look perfect paired with platform sandals. And if you are a true midi-length girl (like me!) this pretty turquoise dress and this classic black one are two of my mod-style favorites!

Styling Cut-Out Dresses

Now let’s look at some ways to style cut-out dresses including accessories and shoes to complete the look. First up, this yellow maxi dress outfit and this printed dress outfit are two of my favorite tropical looks this summer. For both outfits, I paired the dress with statement earrings and a small clutch. A floral sundress with cutouts paired with heels and a classic purse would make a great look for a summer wedding or shower. And if you’re wanting to put together a cut-out dress outfit that is classic while also making a statement, you might pull inspiration from this outfit.

And of course, a cute new dress deserves an equally as cute pair of shoes! Many of my favorite summer shoes would look great with the styles I highlighted today. And if you’re a sandals gal, check out these favorite summer sandals to complete the look.

Dresses with Cutouts

So what do you think? Have I convinced you to give dresses with cutouts a try? If nothing else, it’s a fun style to test out while on vacation, when you might be feeling a little adventurous! For additional summer style inspiration be sure to check out my posts on dresses with sandals, swimsuits with sarong skirtsand how to style the Tuckernuck x Atlantic-Pacific dresses.


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