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AGRA: Four years ago, Brij Mohan’s six-year-old son with hearing and speech impairment went missing from his home in Aligarh. Mohan filed a missing person’s report and would visit government departments and media offices every day seeking help. What made the search difficult was the kid’s disability.
Eventually, Mohan came across Mohsin Khandeputy SP of Aligarh, who took it upon himself to trace the missing boy and get the distraught parents their child. Pamphlets were sent to numerous police stations and inquiries were made across child shelter homes, orphanages, ashrams in various districts and in schools meant for specially-abled children.
Finally, the child Rohit, now 10, was found at the government’s children observation centre in Firozabad. He was subsequently handed over to Mohan by the child welfare committee.
The boy had gone missing in August 2019. SSP Aligarh Kalanidhi Naithani who directed the DSP to work on the case, said, “A report was lodged by Brij Mohan, a daily wager the day the child went missing. The boy is unable to speak, so finding him was a challenge. Various police records and information were collected, compared and matched. Pamphlets with the boy’s photograph were printed and distributed in neighbouring districts”.
DSP Khan said, “Once I was assigned the task by the SSP, I made a list of observation homes in UP. I used to send the boy’s details to these homes in the morning and collect updates in the evening. A week ago, an official of the observation centre in Firozabad sent some photographs with birthmarks. His parents were informed and they confirmed his identity. The boy was then brought to Aligarh and handed over to them following medical tests. He is in good health”.
Khan added: “The boy was actually brought to an orphanage in Aligarh by some passersby in August 2022, from where he was shifted to Firozabad”.
Mohan said, “There was not a single day when I didn’t miss my son. I used to visit police stations for information. I sought help from media offices too. I only hoped my son would be with me again”.


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