Does sipping flax seed tea at night help lose weight?


In our quest to find healthy hacks, we stumbled upon a social media post that we just could not ignore. The post by indian_veg_diet, an Instagram handle, recommended having flax seeds tea at night, claiming it to be a remedy for “fast weight loss”. A little wary, we decided to authenticate the claim by reaching out to experts. Curious to find out what they told us? Yes, we’ll come to that, but let’s first tell you about the weight loss trick.

“Night tea for fast weight loss. Sip it hot before an hour to sleep,” the post read, adding that the tea also helps with managing weightPCOD or Polycystic Ovary Disorder, glowing skin, and stops hair fall and makes it silky and smooth. Take a look at the post below.

How to make it?

*Boil a cup of water.
*Add flax seeds to the boiling water. Simmer. Strain and drink.

But does the remedy actually work?

Digvijay Singh, a holistic health coach, said that flax seed is a great source of vegetarian Omega-3, which is very easily available in India. “It is rich in ALA or alpha-linolenic acid, which is one of the Omega 3 fatty acids. It has many benefits such as good for skin, reduces bad cholesterol, great prebiotic, balances sugar spikes, promotes silky hair, and promotes brain health,” Singh told

Undergoing hairfall? (Photo: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

However, he advised against “heating it”. “That it because the seeds would become slimy and also denature the nutrient them” he said. Agreed Dr Varsha Gorey, senior clinical dietitian, Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai and said that exposure to heat or high temperature can cause the loss of omega 3 fatty acids.

Calling it as “functional food“, Dr Gorey said, “Flax seeds help reduce inflammation and improves our overall health.”

According to her, a better way to consume it is

*By toasting it.
*You can sprinkle it over your food, make a cookie out of it, make gluten-free bread, add to shakes etc.
*You can even grind the seeds to make them simpler to digest.

However, the experts suggest improvement in health markers for effective results. “For fat loss, stay in a calorie deficit, eat a balanced diet, workout, balance your hormones, get some sunlight, and manage stress,” Singh suggested.

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