Ember’s upcoming Travel Mug 2+ can be tracked in Apple’s Find My app


Apple’s Find My app alerts iOS and Mac users when they’ve left an item behind or helps them locate something they’ve lost. Later this year, you’ll be able to do just that with Ember’s heated travel mug. A new version, dubbed the Travel Mug 2+, is on the way this spring. Inside, updated firmware enables the cup to show up inside Apple’s app. The Travel Mug 2+ is also equipped with a speaker, so if you lose it you can make it play a sound like you would for lost AirPods. Like other products that work with Find My, the new mug will show up in the app on iPhone, iPad or Mac and you can also locate it via the Find Items app on Apple Watch.

Ember’s current model, the Travel Mug 2is available for $199.95 and keeps beverages hot for up to three hours with a 12-ounce capacity. It can also keep things warm all day if you keep it on the charging dock. A touch display allows you to adjust temperature right on the cup within a range of 120-145 degrees Fahrenheit. And like other Ember models, you can make that temp change inside the company’s app. The company says that despite the added functionality, the Travel Mug 2+ won’t cost more and it will eventually replace the Travel Mug 2.

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