Holi: ‘Wife is angry’: Cop’s Holi leave letter goes viral | India News


MUZAFFARNAGAR: As police officials get busier than usual during the festive season and do not get leaves, an inspector in UP’s Farrukhabad district applied for a 10-day leave ahead of Holi citing marital discord. The leave application has since gone viral on social media.
In the application addressed to the SP, inspector Ashok Kumar stated that his wife was angry with him as he was unable to celebrate Holi at his in-law’s place for the past 22 years, and was adamant about going there this time.
TOI accessed the copy of the viral letter which stated, “It is to inform you at in 22 years of marriage, my wife was unable to go to her maternal home on the occasion of Holi, due to which she is very angry with me, and insists on going there on the occasion. But without any leaves, I won’t be able to go. Considering the problem and my situation, kindly provide 10 days of casual leave.”
On reading the application, the SP approved a five-day casual leave for the inspector from March 4.


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