How to make money in 2023: Gold, MFs, FDs or property – Top investment ideas explained


Wealth creation avenues 2023: Amidst the ongoing global economic turmoil and the stock market volatility, what should the investment strategy of a small investor be? Should you invest in mutual fundsequities, real estate, goldinternational funds, fixed income products? In this episode of TOI Wallet Talks, Adhil Shetty the CEO of answers all these important questions.
According to Adhil Shetty, passive index funds are the right investment option for a small investor, given their historical outperformance. They are also a relatively risk-free option to grow wealth consistently, he feels. Shetty also talks about the benefits of investing in Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs).

Top investment ideas 2023 – MFs, gold, real estate or Fixed Deposits? Explained

Asked about the outlook for real estate for 2023, he explains that while buying a home to live in makes sense, even emotionally, but in the last few years it has not emerged as the best investment bet.
In an extensive interview, Adhil Shetty talks about how diversification into too many assets can work for a sophisticated investor, but a small investor should stick with relatively risk free options. He also discusses at length about the prospects of gold versus gold ETFs, and how fixed deposits with the assured rate of returns are a good wealth creation bet for senior citizens.
Finally, he answers the most important question – with EMIs rising due to RBI‘s repo rate hike, should you prepay your loans or look to invest more money. Watch this episode of TOI Wallet Talks and make an informed decision about the best investment options for your money in 2023.


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