I was PDA-starved… I hadn’t seen my husband Krushna for weeks, so I kissed him publicly: Kashmera Shah


Kashmera Shah was recently spotted with husband and actor Krushna Abhishek at a party thrown for Bigg Boss 16 contestants. When someone asked her about Rakhi, she pledged her support for the actress and shared how she missed her and will do anything to get her out of the trouble she is going through currently because of her husband Adil Durrani.
She said, “Rakhi and I have been frenemies. I have known her because of Bigg Boss. Her entire issue with Adil is her personal issue and I would not want to get into it, but I am here to support her. I call her a frenemy because we have even fought equally many times. But if she is going through a crisis, then however she is or whatever people speak about her, I will always be there for her.”

At the same party, Kashmera was spotted indulging in PDA with husband Krushna and netizens commented on it. Ask her about it and she says, “Yes, I know people thought I was heavily drunk and therefore could not stand properly. The real reason was I was jetlagged. I had just returned from LA, reached home and then went to the party, so I could barely stand. I did have a glass of wine so if that made me tipsy, I wouldn’t know. Yes I was pulling my husband towards me and indulging in PDA because I had not met him for a long time. It was almost 3 weeks and I missed him very much. I was PDA-starved and that’s why I kissed Krushna at the party publicly. I was also missing my kids. Next, we are planning to go to LA again soon for a holiday.”


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