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NEW DELHI: A day after lambasting the Congress and other opposition parties in ParliamentPrime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday spoke in the Rajya Sabha as he stepped up his attack on his rivals.
He was participating in the discussion on the Motion of Thanks on the President’s address.
Opposition parties used the debate on the motion to attack Modi and the government for aiding Adani’s phenomenal rise during the last few years. In his reply, Modi unleashed a scathing attack on Congress and recounted achievements of his government – from eliminating waiting for getting cooking gas to opening bank accounts for everyone and providing electricity connections.
Here are the key points from PM Modi’s address:
‘Lotus will bloom in mud’
PM Modi hit out at the opposition saying their acts will only help BJP flourish further.
“I want to tell these MPs the more you throw ‘keechad’, the better the lotus will bloom. So, you all have an equal role in making the lotus bloom, and I thank all of them for that,” he said.
Taking a jibe at Congress PM Modi said that when he took over as the Prime Minister in 2014, he saw that Congress had created problems and issues everywhere for India’s overall development.
“More than half of the population was without banking facilities till 2014, now 48 crore accounts opened in last 9 years. Our government has extended potable water supply to 11 crore houses in last 3-4 years against only 3 crore pre-2014,” he said.
Congress only engaged in ‘tokenism’
The Prime Minister took a swipe at Congress and said that the grand old party never tried to find permanent solutions to the problems confronting the country.
“Congress used to say ‘Gareebi Hatao’ but did nothing for over four decades. While we work hard to meet the expectations and aspirations of the people of the country. Congress created hurdles in development, India lost six decades while smaller countries progressed,” he added.
“We do not believe in tokenism, we are working hard to take the country forward through science and technology. The country is with us, people have rejected the Congress party and punished them from time to time. However, Congress and its allies fail to learn from these failures of theirs, ” he added.
PM Modi’s Nehru surname jibe on Gandhi family
In an apparent dig at Gandhis, the Prime Minister questioned in Rajya Sabha as to why the family shies away from using ‘Nehru’ surname.
“Some had problems with names of schemes of government and Sanskrit words in the names. I read in report that 600 government schemes were in the Gandhi-Nehru family’s name. I don’t understand why people from their generation don’t keep Nehru as their surname, what’s the fear & shame?,” Modi asked.
He also accused the Congress government of ‘misusing’ Article 356 of the Constitution by dismissing 90 state governments.
“Which party and people in power misused Article 356? Elected governments were toppled 90 times, who were those who did that? A Prime minister used Article 356 50 times and that name is Indira Gandhi. In Kerala communist government was elected which wasn’t liked by Pandit Nehru and was toppled,” he said.
Dig at Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge
The Prime Minister took a jibe at Kharge saying Congress might have the intention to build a foundation but they only dug holes during their tenure.
He also asked Kharge to note that 1.70 crore Jan Dhan bank accounts have been opened in Karnataka.
“Kharge Ji complains that I visit Kalaburagi. He should see the work done there. 1.70 cr Jan Dhan bank accounts have opened in Karnataka including over 8 lakh accounts in Kalaburagi. So many people getting empowered, while someone’s account getting closed, I can understand the pain,” he said.
Modi lashes out at opposition
The Prime Minister lashed out at the opposition raising slogans in Parliament and said that the behaviour of some MPs has been disappointing.
“The country carefully hears what is said in this House. Some MPs are bringing disrepute to this House,” he said.
Opposition MPs raised slogans of “Modi-Adani bhai-bhai” in Rajya Sabha as PM Modi spoke in Rajya Sabha.
Transformed the working culture
Pointing out the development work done since 2014, PM Modi in his address in Rajya Sabha, said that the government has transformed the working culture with the power of technology.
“Our focus is on increasing the speed and enhancing scale. In this Amrit Kaal, our aim is 100% saturation of schemes. This is true secularism. This eliminates discrimination and corruption,” he said.
“Our priority is the common public, and this is the reason we made LPG connections available to 25 crore families in the country,” he added.
‘We don’t do politics of profit and loss or appeasement’
The Prime Minister accused the Congress of engaging in vote bank politics asserting that his government does not do politics of profit and loss.
“Congress party’s economic, social and political policies were based on vote bank politics. For decades, our tribals were deprived of development, and they lost trust in the government. Congress government did not work with good intentions for the development of the tribals,” he said.


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