These Are the Best Jeans for Women, According to Fashion Experts


Over the years, denim has remained a wardrobe staple. Even when leggings and yoga pants rose to fame, jeans remained a classic garment found in just about every closet across the globe — even in those curated by royals. There’s just something so versatile about denim. Of course, not all denim is created equally. That’s why we set out to uncover the best jeans for women.

To sift through the thousands of pairs of jeans that overwhelm the market, we began by chatting with two fashion designers and a stylist about what to look for in a quality pair of jeans (more on that later), as well as which styles are the most popular for 2023. With their help, we were able to weed out many styles and brands, and hone in on the best-selling cuts that remained. In doing so, we discovered the best pairs of jeans for women, whether you’re short, tall, petite, curvy, plus-size, straight-size, or somewhere in between; whether you prefer form-fitting denim or more relaxed silhouettes. Suffice to say, the search is over.

The best jeans for women to buy in 2023:

No matter your style, length, or rise preference, you’re sure to find a pair that fits your fancy.


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