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New Delhi: Sharpening its attack on Rahul Gandhi, BJP on Saturday maintained that India may not be a bright spot for the Congress dynast but the “truth is that world sees India as a bright spot” and foreign firms are leaving China to do business here.
“Under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi, the whole world is acknowledging India’s leadership today. The world knows what is India’s potential. All the major countries of the world, including Britain, are seeing India as a bright spot,” said BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra at a press meet.
Slamming Rahul’s speech in Cambridge University earlier this week, Patra said, “In a big university, he is telling people bad things about India. While even Pakistan no longer dares say these things about India on a global forum, Gandhi is presenting it as a place where democracy is no longer there and the judiciary has been compromised. ”He accused Gandhi of dissuading investors from investing in India and wondered if he is “on the payroll of any agency to bring down India”. “Just because you are not bright, it doesn’t mean India is not a bright spot,” he said.
The BJP functionary said that at a time when meetings related to G20 are being held inIndia in the year of its presidency of the grouping, the intention behind Rahul’s rhetoric against India in Britain is not hidden from the country. “It is not a new thing for Rahul ji to go abroad and make statements against the country.”
He said the PM of Italy recently said PM Modi is loved by people all over the world. “Rahul ji, you should have listened carefully to Italian PM Georgia Meloni. Presidents of all the countries are clearly presenting their views on what kind of role India will play in the future,” Patra said.
Patra said Rahul spoke about minorities being treated as second-class citizens and alleged “Rahul Gandhi and the Gandhi family can stoop to any low to destroy the fabric of India”. He said Gandhi spoke about thrust on harmony and nationalism in China, and accused him of seeing India as an “agreement”, not a nation. “He spoke of the role of the Yellow River in building Chinese nationalism but could not see the Ganga in India,” Patra said.
Rahul Gandhi during his lecture at Cambridge Judge Business School on Thursday. Slamming his speech at the university, BJP’s Sambit Patra wondered if he was ‘on the payroll of any agency to bring down India’


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