What the Travel Industry Can Learn from Los Cabos


Los Cabos is booming. According to the Los Cabos Tourism Board, the destination, which has long been one of the premier Mexico resort cities, is having its best year ever, with a 20% growth in arrivals over 2019. Over the past few years, Los Cabos has accelerated through the post-COVID boom that carried a lot of Caribbean and Mexican sun destinations and has succeeded by attracting a younger, more affluent consumer.

It has also succeeded in building a sustainable travel ecosystem and maintaining a balance between that tourism growth and attention to the lush, intricate environment that plays host to some of Mexico’s best hotels and resorts.

Rodrigo Esponda, the managing director at the Los Cabos Tourism Board, joined TMR’s Dan McCarthy on this episode of Check-in to talk about how his team, along with the stakeholders within the destination, have been able to work together to not only uplift Los Cabos as a premier travel destination but also work to make sure sustainability is part of all those conversations.


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