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GENEVA: India on Tuesday urged the international community to resolutely display “zero tolerance” towards terrorismsaying the scourge is the most “indefensible violation of human rights” and those perpetrating it should always be held accountable, in a veiled reference to Pakistan.
In a video message at the high-level segment of the 52nd session of the UN Human Rights Councilexternal affairs minister S Jaishankar said India has been at the forefront of dealing with global challenges that impact adversely on human rights, especially terrorism.
“The last three years have been difficult for the world and developing countries have been hit the hardest,” he said.
Challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, rising prices of fuel, fertilisers and foodgrains and growing debt burdens have adversely affected the enjoyment of human rights by people globally, he said.
“Our collective efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals have been seriously set back,” Jaishankar said.
“India believes that the world must resolutely display zero tolerance. After all, terrorism is the most indefensible violation of human rights and has no justification in any circumstances. Its perpetrators must, therefore, always be held accountable,” he said without naming any country.
India has been highlighting Pakistan’s role in fomenting cross-border terrorism in the country.
Jaishankar reiterated that India will continue to take the requisite steps to ensure that the country will meet all its human rights obligations and ensure that its people enjoy all their basic human rights.
“Our Constitution guarantees civil and political rights as Fundamental Rights; it also has the provisions for progressive realisation of economic, social and cultural rights. Our independent judiciary has been playing its expected role in that regard, as indeed have our media and civil society,” he said.
As the world marked 75 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and 30 years of the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action, Jaishankar underlined the universality of all basic human rights.
“They embody India’s civilisational ethos and democratic values, the edifice on which contemporary India is being built,” he said.
Jaishankar noted that it is a happy coincidence that India is also celebrating 75 years of independence.
“The strong framework of our secular and democratic polity has served us well in this journey,” he said.
India has always played an active role in global promotion and protection of human rights, including through its developmental partnerships, he said.
“Our partnerships have focused on building capacity and development of human resources as well as infrastructure in accordance with the priorities of our partners while abiding by principles of fiscal responsibility, transparency and viability,” he explained, amid global concerns on China’s predatory loans to countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal.
“India has accorded high priority to gender inclusion and empowerment of women. In fact, we endeavour to promote a women-led development,” Jaishankar added.


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