2nd semester Amazon winter fashion guide


With Ohio’s inconsistent weather, many students struggle to pick out an outfit for a day full of classes. We have pieced together a few fashion items that you can incorporate into your daily outfits for class, work and anything else you may have going on – all from Amazon.

From cheaper alternatives to trendy yet functional pieces, this winter is all about being cute and feeling comfortable. Plus, Amazon is easy to order from and comes in a timely manner. Here are five fashion trends to lean into this semester:

UGG dupes

Finding a comfortable pair of shoes to walk around campus in is hard, especially when there is snow or rain on the ground. However, finding a reasonably priced shoe for this type of weather can be difficult. Amazon, luckily, sells platform suede boots that look exactly like the trendy UGGs that everyone is wearing.

These are at a fraction of the price and will keep your feet just as warm. Also, don’t forget to use a waterproof spray on any type of suede boots that you purchase so they don’t become ruined by the weather. You can get this on Amazontoo.

Puffer jackets/vests

Puffer jackets and vests are perfect for cool nights or for a night out. They pair great with a cute outfit or matching set and will keep you fairly warm at the same time. Of course, Amazon has both for reasonable prices, too. This cropped puffer comes in five different colors, and this puffer vest comes in 17 unique shades.

Long sleeve bodysuits

Long sleeve bodysuits are a winter staple to add to your wardrobe. They are easy to build an outfit from and are extremely trendy right now. This bodysuit from Amazon has a square neckline that is flattering and even looks like a Skims dupe. If you are looking for something more unique, this asymmetrical neck bodysuit is perfect. Not to mention, it comes in 10 fun colors.

Vintage crewnecks

Of course, having a few sweatshirts in your closet are important in the colder months. However, if you are getting sick and tired of wearing the same pullover every week, add a few crewnecks to your collection. They add character to any look, and there are a plethora of options on Amazon.


You can’t go wrong with a beanie in the winter. It will save you from the cold, a bad hair day or even both. Amazon does carry name brands like Carhartt and Herschelbut there are also some fun beanies with smiley faces in fun colors. Either way, having a go-to beanie will save you on days it is very cold or you just don’t have time to fix your hair.




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