CAMC, Vandalia Health adding hospitals to health system


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — CAMC and Vandalia Health System President and CEO Dave Ramsey said Monday there will likely be more small community hospitals in West Virginia join with larger health systems like Vandalia.

Dave Ramsey

Ramsey said it’s just cheaper to do so.

“The cost of doing business, the cost of the computer systems to operate a physician practice, the cost of the insurance to operate a physician practice, the same thing for hospitals, it’s becoming so difficult that they are consolidating,” Ramsey said Monday on MetroNews “Talkline.”

Vandalia Health, which is made up of CAMC and Mon Health, officially took in Greenbrier Valley Medical Center earlier this month and last Friday a plan was announced to acquire Plateau Medical Center in Oak Hill.

Ramsey said in both cases it’s a non-profit organization taking over for-profit hospitals where any money made typically goes outside of West Virginia.

Consolidation has also been made easier by the growth of tele-medicine, Ramsey said.

“It’s a way for us to extend our sub-specialist coverage throughout the region and patients do not have to travel. You can get all of your test done locally,” Ramsey said.

WVU Medicine has been adding West Virginia hospitals to its system for the past several years. Ramsey admitted Monday Vandalia is in competition with WVU Medicine in the area of growth. He said similar scenarios are happening in other states.

“It’s happening everywhere in our country, all around us. Our goal is to ensure that as much care can be delivered as close to where the patient lives as much as possible,” Ramsey said. “Seeing small community hospitals close around us is simply not right.”

Ramsey said they hope the Plateau Medical Center deal has all of the required approvals by March.


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