Digital Nomad Mentor Sharita Jennings Shares How To Really Move Abroad


I typically advise my clients to think about three overall things when choosing their destination: (1) Cost + Quality of Living, (2) Diversity/Openness, and (3) Their Must-Haves.

First and foremost, you should always check in with your wallet before you move abroad. If you earn USD, there are many countries where you can stretch your dollar further than in the U.S. Popular affordable destinations include ColombiaBali, Thailand, and Mexico.

Next, for my fellow Black digital nomads, diversity and openness is very important. It’s a good idea to find Black bloggers and vloggers who share the inside scoop about living somewhere while Black. Of course, everyone won’t have the same experience, but if you see a trend of racism, it may be worth avoiding that location, or at least being more careful about your move.

And finally, I advise clients to look at their “must-haves.” I’ll ask them if they prefer hot or cold weather, beach or city, what languages they speak or want to learn, and the types of cultures they identify with. This is a rare opportunity to think about what you need to thrive and build your life around that!


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