Enhypen Makes Historical Fashion Week Debut At Prada FW 2023


Engenes, Enhypen has made history. Becoming the first K-pop boy group to have all members attend an overseas fashion show, Enhypen has graced Milan Fashion Week with their presence. While also marking their Fashion Week Debut, Enhypen dressed to impress in their personal styles with casual outfits consisting of denim, turtlenecks, leather coats, and blazers. Plus, the boys still managed to steal the show while surrounded by celebrities like Daniel Caesar, Louis Partridge, and Kentaro Sakaguchi.

Photo Source: Courtesy of Prada

Enhypen received a warm welcome to Italy from their fans, who lined up in hopes to see their favorite boys at their first fashion show. Immediately Enhypen turned into the main event, with hundreds (or maybe thousands) of fans showing up to show their support.

Engenes all over the world have shown their support of Enhypen with pride and joy, hyping up their outfits, looks, and accomplishments. Even on Twitter, the boys are breaking records just by attending one fashion show, like breaking the record for the most-liked tweet on Prada’s official Twitter account. That’s pretty impressive!

Enhypen generated tons of attention around Italy, being dubbed “one of the most followed boy bands on the planet.” This attention is remarkable, considering Enhypen is only a three-year-old group. Enhypen attending Prada Fashion Week not only paves the way for them to be more involved in fashion activities but also gives the members a chance to show off their stunning visuals to the world. They were even seen with Prada co-creative directors Miuccia Prada and Raf Simmons during the show. This could be the beginning of Enhypen’s journey in the fashion industry!

Photo Source: Courtesy of Prada

Enhypen’s attendance at Prada FW should be no surprise to Engenes. Enhypen’s history with Prada dates back to March 2022, as they were seen modeling pieces of Prada clothing for The Official magazine. From wearing their clothes in a magazine to being invited to a fashion show, the next step for them would be on the runway or even as global ambassadors!

2023 has just started, and it’s already looking up for Enhypen. The group embarked on their first world tour in 2022 and is continuing their tour in Osaka, Japan, for their first solo dome tour. Yes, a three-year-old group with their own solo dome tour! It’s already speculated that a comeback will be happening in March, but we’ll cross our fingers and hope for the best!

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