Exclusive: Mithai fame Aashish Bhardwaj refutes wife Kajal’s claims, says ‘She scratched my face, asked for Rs 75 lakh to get a divorce’


ETimes TV recently brought you actor Kajal Chonkar accusing her actor-husband Aashish Bhardwaj of physical abuse, mental torture, abandonment and many other things. We also spoke with Aashish to get his side and he shared in detail.
Presenting his side of story

“First of all, all these are baseless allegations. My lawyers have sent her a reply. The truth is very big. Whatever she is saying, is completely false. I am not denying the marriage. We did get married and I am not living with her right now. But the reason as to why I am not staying with her is very strong. She has been torturing me physically. She was not letting me go for work. Whenever I used to go for work or auditions, she would create a situation that I won’t be able to go. She has scratched my face. I had auditions and she scratched my whole face,” Aashish said.


‘I was not allowed to work’

He added, “I did a show, came to this city, waited for four years, working hard every day, every night. I did small roles in two shows and in my third show I got the main lead. I have stopped working now. If you ask anybody, I am not even giving auditions. I wasn’t allowed to. Whenever I used to get calls for work or go out, she would threaten me with a police case. It is a personal matter of the family and she is making it public like this. This is not right.”

On Kajal accusing him of forcing to get an abortion

“I got married to her. For abortion, she went alone. I went with her for check-ups but I never went with her for the abortion. It was her agreement first. I got married to her before and then registered the marriage because of her. I convinced my entire family for her and now she is doing this to me!”

On Kajal saying the marriage date was falsely written to negate her FIR allegations

“No, ma’am. She made it very dramatic. You think, why would anyone cut his thumb maang bharne ke liye? I cut my thumb and got married at a temple with proper marriage rituals. She kept insisting that I make our marriage public. I am from UP and belong to a joint family. That time we had decided to give our careers 2-3 years as both of us were very new in the industry. But the moment I got Mithai’s offer, I don’t know what insecurity crept in her head and she kept forcing me to make it public. I told her that I need to go home to tell my parents so that they will accept her respectfully. If I am getting married to someone, I have to see she gets equal respect. Main bhagake thodi leke ja raha hu. For her satisfaction, I got married to her. I don’t know why she said all these. The marriage certificate she posted on Instagram, it is the certificate to verify that date, names. The registrar and our signatures are there.”

Accuses Kajal of playing the woman card

“In this case, Kajal has been using law like a machinery, which I am very upset about. This is my family matter and it is coming out in public like this. This is not right. Men are not at fault always. Sometimes women play the victim card. My lawyer is going to tell me what action will be taken next. She filed the FIR and then she went to the High Court and stated that, ‘relationship between and Aashish is consensual in nature’. She made this statement.

‘Kajal deleted all my contacts from my phone’

“She had deleted all the contacts on my phone. I don’t have my co-actor’s number in my phone so that I don’t talk to them or get in touch with them. She scanned my WhatsApp, hacked my Instagram. She also changed the password of my phone. I stopped using my phone. It was so suffocating. She would beat me up. She knows that I would not hit her back and she misused it. Who would want to stay like this?

Do you want a divorce from her?

I haven’t made any statements like this. She did. She said, ‘I want Rs 75 lakh to take the divorce’. She made these terms. See, I love the girl. I started staying with her and with our concern we got married. That was not the right time to make it public. When I told my family about her, they told me to stay with her since we got married and I was also ready. I was staying with her and she did this to me. Sometimes people stay silent because of their career, family. The jealousy and insecurity was on a different level. You can ask people from my set, she would drop unannounced. She would disrupt my shooting. She told me a lot of times, “Teri koi nahi sunne wala, sab meri sunenge. Tu jo actor ban raha hai, main 2 minute me tera career khatam kar dunga. Jo hota hai kar.” She kept me under a lot of pressure.

Aashish also informed the police about him getting tortured in the marriage and got a medical check-up done. He shared his MC reports and Non-cognizable offence information report with us.



Here is the link to our exclusive conversation with ETimes TV done a few hours ago.


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