Health system contributes to UWEC science building


EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -In its push to continue to be a leader in science, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is teaming up with a major health care provider.

As it looks to fund the construction of a new science and health sciences building, UWEC said Mayo Clinic Health System is monetarily contributing to the project.

These two organizations have been working together for a while, but this investment is meant to create even more advancements in health care.

“Real science is great from an academic perspective when it’s isolated, but innovation happens by bringing the chemists, the biologists, the engineers, the nurses together to solve real life problems,” said Chancellor James Schmidt with UW-Eau Claire. “That’s why Mayo Clinic is involved with this. That’s why they’re paying for 10,000 square feet of this science building.”

In this next state biennial budget, UW-Eau Claire is hopeful lawmakers will earmark over $230 million for the project.


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