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That Virat Kohli is hands down one of the most prolific batters ever to have played the game is no secret. The batting maestro has once again hit a purple patch, after going through a long lean phase, during which many had written him off.
Virat 2.0 looks hungrier than ever before. When he scored the mammoth 166 vs Sri Lanka on Sunday in the 3rd and final ODIhe went past Sachin Tendulkar for most centuries on home soil. Sachin had scored 20. He also overtook Mahela Jayawardene to climb to fifth place on the ODIs all-time run-getters list.
There was a time when most experts felt that Virat would break Sachin’s record of 49 ODI centuries. Now, that is just a matter of time, with Virat standing at just 3 tons away from Sachin’s world record tally of 49.
Needless to say, the Virat vs Sachin comparisons have begun again.
With Virat registering his 46th ODI ton and the 74th century of his international career, here takes a look at some statistical comparisons between the two Indian batting greats – Virat Kohli and the man he has always idolised – Sachin Tendulkar.


Innings taken to register the first 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 45 and 46th ODI centuries:
Virat is comfortably ahead of Sachin in this conversion race. While Sachin took 131 innings to get to his 10th ODI century, Virat took 80. That trend continued across all the landmark tons Virat has scored so far. His 46th ODI century was scored in his 259th innings. Sachin had taken 431 innings to get to 46 ODI tons.

100s Innings taken by Sachin Innings taken by Virat
10 131 80
15 182 106
20 197 133
25 234 162
30 267 186
35 307 200
40 355 216
45 424 257
46 431 259
49 451

Sachin vs Virat – Centuries scored in winning causes
Out of the 259 ODI innings that Virat has played so far, he has featured in India wins in 157 of them. In these, he has scored as many as 38 centuries. A comparison with Sachin’s numbers shows that out of the 452 ODI innings that the Master Blaster played, 231 innings were played in India wins. In a winning cause, Sachin had scored 33 ODI centuries overall. Virat is already five ahead.

M I Runs HS Ave. 100s 50s
Sachin 234 231 11157 200* 56.63 33 59
Virat 161 157 9154 183 75.65 38 38

Overall in his career, Sachin played 231 innings in a winning cause, 200 ODI innings in a losing cause, 5 innings in tied matches and 16 in no-result matches.
Overall, so far in his career, Virat has played 157 innings in a winning cause, 94 in a losing cause, 5 in tied games and 3 in No Result matches


Sachin vs Virat – In successful chases in ODIs:
This one is always talked about quite a bit. Virat picked up the nickname of ‘Chase master’ thanks to his incredible ability to pace his knocks, especially in ODIs.
Overall in his career, Sachin played 124 innings in successful ODI run chases. Virat’s number stands at 89 currently. As far as the most centuries scored in successful chases is concerned, Sachin’s tally stands at 14, while Virat’s is already at 22.

M I Runs HS Ave 100s 50s
Sachin 127 124 5490 134 55.45 14 31
Virat 92 89 5417 183 91.81 22 22

Sachin vs Virat – Conversion rate from half centuries to centuries

Formula used: Total number of centuries divided by 50-plus innings multiplied by 100
Out of the 46 ODI centuries that Virat has scored so far in his career, four have been scored at a strike rate of 150 plus. The following is the statistical break-up of those four knocks:

SR Runs Balls Opponent Venue Year
192.30 100* 52 Australia Jaipur 2013
174.24 115* 66 Australia Nagpur 2013
154.65 133* 86 SL Hobart 2012
150.90 166* 110 SL Trivandram 2023

Stats courtesy: Rajesh Kumar


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