Siesta Key’s Juliette Porter Wins Fashion Design Influencer Of The Year


Siesta Key star Juliette Porter wins Fashion Influencer of the Year at the American Influencer Awards for her swimsuit company JMP The Label.

Siesta Key star Juliette Porter’s hard work with JMP The Label paid off as she won Fashion Design Influencer of the Year at the American Influencer Awards. Juliette showed interest in starting a swimsuit company a few seasons ago. Coincidentally, at the same time, Juliette’s costar Kelsey Owens was starting her swimwear brand, bykelseyowens. Juliette and Kelsey’s friendship was already on the rocks, and Juliette was adding fuel to the fire by creating a competing company. No one believed Juliette would stick to building her brand, but it turns out she did, while Kelsey seems to have shut hers down.


Now Juliette’s seeing the fruits of her labor. The American Influencer Awards and Juliette shared a joint Instagram post announcing Juliette’s win.

@JuliettePorter, Fashion Design Influencer of the Year! 👏 Congratulations on your exciting win!” the post reads. The post included a video of photos and clips of Juliette. In one clip, the Siesta Key star is modeling a red JMP The Label swimsuit. Juliette received a lot of love and support from fans as well as her costar Madisson Hausburg. “Ahhhhhh!!! so well deserved!” Madisson commented.

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Juliette Ended Her Relationship With Sam To Focus On JMP The Label

Siesta Key's Juliette Porter and Sam Logan

In May 2022, Juliette’s swimsuits were featured in an issue of Sports Illustrated, and the star couldn’t believe how far she had come. During Siesta Key season 4bJuliette was afraid she was losing herself in her relationship with Sam Logan, and it was holding her company back. Juliette made the decision to move into her own apartment and ultimately end her relationship with Sam. Siesta Key: Miami Moves has centered around Juliette’s life in Miami as she manages her business and expands it.

Juliette has come a long way since the start of JMP The Label. She’s certainly proved everyone who didn’t believe in her wrong by never letting their discouraging comments get to her. Juliette is incredibly passionate about her business, and there’s no one more deserving of the fashion influencer award. Juliette’s goal with her company is to create swimwear everyone can feel confident in, which includes women of all shapes and sizes. Body diversity is a top priority for Juliette’s brand, which is why Siesta Key fans are so supportive of JMP The Label.

There were times at the beginning when Juliette didn’t seem so serious about her brand, and she would allow traveling and relationships to take up more of her time than her business did. Luckily, the Siesta Key star’s moved past those days and is now a dedicated businesswoman. She also seems a lot happier making her own money than when she was living off Sam’s. Hopefully, she’ll take some time off to celebrate her well-deserved win. Then when Juliette’s readyshe can get back to business and prepare for all the other accomplishments she’s bound for.

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Siesta Key Miami Moves airs Thursdays at 8 pm on MTV.

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