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AHMEDABAD: The SIT constituted to probe the Morbi bridge collapse that killed 135 people on October 30 last year has submitted a damning report to Gujarat high court, highlighting administrative and technical lapses and omissions on behalf of multiple stakeholders that led to no corrective action being taken to improve the condition of the century-old structure.
The report said 22 out of 49 cables that suspended the Morbi bridge were already corroded, indicating that those wires “may have already been broken before the incident”. “The remaining 27 wires broke recently,” it stated.

Morbi bridge tragedy: Many BJP councillors say they were not aware about deal with Oreva

Morbi bridge tragedy: Many BJP councillors say they were not aware about deal with Oreva

The SIT said Morbi municipality’s chief officer Sandipsinh Zala should not have signed the maintenance agreement with Oreva Group — maker of Ajanta wall clocks — without obtaining prior approval from the civic body’s general board. The agreement was signed on March 8, 2022, and the contract was for a period of 15 years.
The SIT also pointed out lapses by the municipality’s president, vice-president and the chairman of the executive committee. “They should have taken up the matter of the agreement in the ensuing general body meeting for approval,” it said.

The team stated that when the municipality did not approve the company’s proposal to increase user charge and asked for the bridge’s possession back, “the company failed to hand over the bridge to authority concerned”. “No corrective action could be taken by either party to improve the condition of the bridge,” it said.
The report also slammed the company for “mismanagement”, saying there were no restrictions on the number of persons accessing the bridge at a given point in time; no restriction on ticket sale and insufficient security made available to prevent the public from damaging the bridge.
The SIT noted that Raven outsourced the bridge’s repair work to a non-competent agency, which carried it out without consulting competent technical experts or testing the main cable and vertical suspenders.


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