The Best Fashion Looks From My Unorthodox Life Season 2


The cast of My Unorthodox Life may have been struggling after Julia and Silvio’s divorce, but they upped their fashion game in season 2 of the show.

Though the family drama has taken center stage on My Unorthodox Lifethere is also a lot to be said about the bold over-the-top fashion moments in season 2. The whole cast is back, centering on Julia Haart and her four kids, as well as her assistant Robert Brotherton. The NYC residents have big personalities, and it shows in their stellar looks.

My Unorthodox Life season 2 follows Julia Haart’s shocking divorce from husband Silvio Scaglia. The pair were business and life partners, which has turned an amicable divorce into a tumultuous battle. Julia is reeling from Silvio’s blindsidetrying to urge her youngest son Aron to continue a secular education, and support her daughter Batsheva Haart through her own divorce. Though Julia lost her job and husband, she has kept her sense of fashion, as have several other cast members this season.


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Robert Rocks Feathers

Robert Brotherton My Unorthodox Life

My Unorthodox Life fans already knew Robert was a style icon from season 1 of the show, and he continued to wow with several of his looks. Robert’s style changed from last season, as he went through a weight loss journey and finally felt comfortable wearing tighter clothes that show off his body. His love life was also heavily featured, as he reconnected with an old love and became engaged by the finale. To celebrate the engagement, Robert wore a white pantsuit with thousands of white feathers attached to it. This being what he wears to the engagement party, fans are sure to be blown away by his wedding outfit.

Miriam’s Bright Tracksuit

Miriam Haart My Unorthodox Life

Miriam went on a journey of her own this season of My Unorthodox Lifeand she has come out of her shell. She is happily dating Nathalie Ulander and has been helping her mom through the difficult divorce. Miriam usually has a more low-key style on the show, but one tracksuit really caught fans’ eyes. She paired a white tank top with a red and gold patterned jacket and pants that viewers loved.

Julia Is A Vision In Green

Julia Haart My Unorthodox Life

Julia made unemployment look good this season of My Unorthodox Lifeespecially in her green two-piece set. The reality star went out of her comfort zone this season, as she got back on the market and went out with a 23-year-old. Julia was going through a tough time but made it classy by wearing this matching green top and pants while holding a glass of red wine. Eagle-eyed fans may remember that this is the same outfit Julia wore when she and her family competed on Family Feud. Fans are eager to see more of Julia and her many fashionable looks on My Unorthodox Life season 3.

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