‘Travels with Darley’: PBS travel show visits New Mexico, where host started her career


Darley Newman interviews George R.R. Martin, creator of “Game of Thrones” and “House of the Dragon,” in Santa Fe to talk about Sky Railway. (Courtesy of Darley Newman)

Darley Newman is a dreamer.

The travel enthusiast and host began her career with the TV series “Equitrekking,” which debuted on New Mexico PBS in 2006, while she was living and working in New Mexico.

“New Mexico always holds a special place in my heart,” Newman said. “This is why I always get back there.”

Today, Newman is the host of “Travels with Darley,” which airs nationally. The series is also celebrating its 10th season as Newman brings the world to viewers.

“It’s crazy to know that we’ve gone this far,” she says. “I’ve been able to see the world and learn so much all while giving viewers a glimpse of the world through my travels.”

In the 10th season, Newman travels to Istanbul; Quebec; Wilmington, Delaware; Bordeaux, France; and Santa Fe.

In Santa Fe, Newman visits Ghost Ranch in Abiquiú to walk in the footsteps of Georgia O’Keeffe with a cowboy who grew up alongside the artist and pioneer. She also sat down with Santa Fe resident George R.R. Martin, the famed creator of “Game of Thrones” and “House of the Dragon,” about his entrepreneurial adventures creating Sky Railway to bring back to life the old Santa Fe Railway. She also rides the rails to the Old West town of Lamy to share this immersive adventure that takes passengers back in time.

Darley Newman is the host of “Travels with Darley,”which will feature Santa Fe for two episodes. (Courtesy of Darley Newman)

The Santa Fe episodes will air at 10 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 28, and Feb. 4, on New Mexico PBS, channel 5.1. The episodes will also stream on the PBS Video app.

Newman was excited to sit down with Martin and talk railroads.

“I’ve done a lot of segments on trains, but this one is different,” Newman says. “You think about street art on trains and these are beautiful. Then you combine local food, drinks and live entertainment.”

The railway was born in 2020 after Martin and local film producer and entrepreneur Bill Banowsky and Catherine Oppenheimer thought it would be a great idea to restore the Santa Fe Southern Railway line that had been shuttered since 2015. The line runs from Santa Fe to Lamy.

It opened in December 2021.

“The ride is full of history,” Newman said. “You can’t get better than this.”

Over the course of the show, Newman has noticed that the conversations are getting more interesting.

“I’ve beenbright spot traveling for more than 10 years and I’ve met so many people around the world,” she said. “It’s harder to get time with people in today’s world. With the series, I’ve been able to get those back stories.”

Newman talked with David Manzanares, who worked at Ghost Ranch and got to know O’Keeffe well.

She also highlights the work of Santa Fe-based artist Patricia Marin Miranda of Marin Feather Fine Art on Canyon Road.

Marin was born in Costa Rica and immigrated to the United States with her five children and received her citizenship.

She moved to Santa Fe in 2019 and signed the lease for her gallery in January 2020.

Her art technique includes real wild bird feathers.

“There are no rules in art,” Marin said. “When people make rules they destroy art.”

Glamping proves easy for Darley Newman, left and Jennifer Kolker at Kitfox, a desert camp site near Lamy. (Courtesy of Darley Newman)

The Santa Fe episodes also include Newman’s time at the 2022 International Folk Art Market.

“We actually planned the filming around the market,” Newman said. “You have people from all over the world. Thought viewers would like to see it.”


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