After water attack, mental health leaders shed light on resources available


BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) – A video showing a woman pouring water on a homeless individual garnered the attention of many Baton Rouge community members.

Representatives at The Bridge Center for Hope tell WAFB that this is a prime example of why they are here.

According to their website, the facility is used as a safety net to catch people in crisis, keeping them out of emergency rooms and offering treatment.

“The Bridge Center I tell people is just like an urgent care. It’s just like an emergency room for someone who is having a mental health or substance abuse crisis,” said Tonja Myles, a spokesman from The Bridge Center for Hope.

The goal is to stabilize individuals and get them connected to resources or back into their community as quickly as possible.

The Bridge Center for Hope is available to anyone in crisis. The process allows professionals to assist people for a couple of hours or a few days to get them to the next level of care.

Since the center opened in February 2021, more than 5200 people have visited the center for help, of that, 5000 have received services.

A city tax is used to provide services for the uninsured, that includes the homeless.

“It is not limited to your ability to pay or insurance or no insurance. It’s no wrong door which means there is an entrance for basically everyone,” added Shawne Langston-Emery, a spokesman from The Bridge Center for Hope.

Leaders hope a “no wrong door policy” will encourage anyone in need of support to stop by.

If you see someone that needs mental, substance use, or psychiatric assistance. Myles tells us you can call 9-8-8 or contact The Bridge Center for Hope at (225) 256-6604.

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