Apple Launches New Travel App Freeform


Apple has released a brand new app that can help you plan your trips arrangements; it all begins with a blank canvas. The Freeform appan infinite whiteboard that lets users bring in content from numerous sources like websites, photographs, movies, and files was released on December 13, 2022, with the most recent iOS update on iPhone, iPad, and PC.

In an essence, it’s a virtual travel inspiration board, or, if you prefer, a vacation mood board.

The boards are stored in iCloud so you may access them from any device whenever inspiration strikes. However, they may also be shared with several users working together on the same board, making them ongoing works in progress as you and your traveling companions plan the specifics of your ideal vacation.

Having trouble deciding between a resort and a vacation rental? List the advantages and disadvantages, then invite everyone to contribute. Feeling overburdened by a city’s abundance of activities? Stickies can be used to block them all out as you plan your daily schedule. juggling different restaurant preferences from each visitor? Share the links to your choices with everyone, then pick the ones with the best reviews.

All you see when you first launch Freeform is a large white space. Then, the ingredients required to allow your creativity to flow are provided by the icons at the top. The first icon on the desktop is Stickieswhich may be color-coded and also includes alignment guides to maintain orderly boards.

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The next component shapeswhich have a library of more than 700 images. These include a category for places (with globes and specific landmarks like Rome’s Colosseum and New York City’s Statue of Liberty) and a category for transportation (with airplanes, bridges, tall ships, and even a rocket ship.

The last three icons cover all the essentials: one for adding text boxes, one for adding images, videos, and web links, and one for adding files. But each one’s simplicity is what makes it beautiful. The size of text boxes can be readily changed by dragging them out (similar to Instagram Stories). The preview cards of web links instantly transport you to the site, while photos and videos can be clicked to enlarge into high-fidelity copies. There will open directly to the file if it is a file, such as a PDF of a restaurant menu or a tour schedule.

With the ability to write and draw directly on the boards with an Apple Pencil on an iPad, Freeform becomes even more like a physical vision board and resembles a digital scrapbook. Additionally, files from Apple’s Notes and Reminders apps can be effortlessly added to the canvas. The ability to scan and add tangible items directly to the board using the phone’s camera is possibly one of its most amazing features.

Download the brand-new app here.


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