Attempts are being made to disrupt unity, mantra of unity only way out: Prime Minister Modi at NCC rally | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday that there have been attempts to disrupt the unity of the country and the “mantra of unity” is the only solution to this problem.
“There have been attempts to disrupt the unity of this country. Such attempts will not succeed. There can’t be cracks in a mother’s love (milk). And the mantra of unity is the biggest medicine to this disruption, the biggest capability of India to achieve grandeur. We have to live on the path of unity, even if we face struggles … with the aim of making India a developed country in the next 25 years,” said Prime Minister Modi while addressing an NCC rally at Cariappa Parade Ground in Delhi.
Reiterating that this year India has the G20 presidency, he added today the whole world is looking towards the country. “Everyone says India’s time has arrived. The biggest reason for this is the youth of India. The biggest driving force to run any country is that of the youth. At your age, there is enthusiasm and passion,” said PM Modi.
He further said this is the time for new opportunities for the youth of India. “New sectors are being opened for the country’s youth. Be it India’s startups or the animation and gaming sector, our youth is being benefited from them.”
The PM went on to list the benefits of the reforms in India’s defence and space sectors. “In the last eight years, the number of women in the police and paramilitary forces has doubled. Today, we see deployment of women in all three wings of the armed forces. I’m happy that around 1,500 girl students are studying in Sainik schools,” he said, adding that even the National Cadet Corps is seeing more girl cadets than before.
But, he said, the space sector is the biggest example of what happens, when we trust the youth of the nation and believe in their ideas.
He started his speech by appreciating the contribution of the former NCC cadets who have helped in nation-building, saying today’s cadets are even more special. “The NCC is celebrating 75 years of its formation. Those who have represented NCC over the last 75 years, have been a part of it, I appreciate their contribution to nation-building. India is proud of the determination and spirit of service of the NCC cadets. But this is an amrit generation.”
He hailed a group of cadets who completed a Kanyakumari-Delhi yatra in 60 days, running 50 km per day, “lighting the lamp of unity”.
The PM also asserted that the NCC cadets who took part in the Republic Day parade are special because for the first time, it was held after the renaming of the Kartavya Path.


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