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HYDERABAD: This year was the most fashionable year we have had so far. This statement rings true especially when we consider how it was in 2022 that we began to get past the phase of store closures, restricted celebrations of high-end fashion festivals and sober weddings  — a nightmare indeed for the fashion industry that thrives on social life.

But this industry has rebuilt itself with rigour, vibrance and grace. Towards the end of the year, the city hosted galas like Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion Week that showcased maximalism with sustainability. This apart, many other debut and veteran designers cherished maximalism albeit with minimal pastels.

Now, from the glitz of fashion shows onto the real world. Local brands are more popular than ever, with their collections on par, or better than, national and international brands. We saw retro make a comeback albeit with a modern twist.

A few took it back in time even further and revived designs encouraged by the sartorial codes of the Mughals and Nizams. On the other hand, a few fashion forward companies gazed into their crystal ball and and trailblazed into the future as AI was put to use to predict what ensemble would suit one’s personality. On that note, let’s take a look back at the fashion of 2022!

July 12 Dopamine dressing
The Covid-19 pandemic brought a lot of gloominess with it beyond one’s control, but by July 12 the mood was on an upward swing interestingly, with Dopamine dressing. Archana from designer label Archana and Puneeth, spoke to CE about her dopamine collection which is more than only colours. It is about the patterns, fabrics and textures as well, that brighten up mood.

Dec 21 Ode to women
Designer Pallavi Singhee’s label, Verb, launched a new collection called Viaje that ensembles glamour and celebrates modern-day women in all their glory. Designer told CE that Viaje is an ode to women owning their style — in a way that it’s become a sense of self.

Dec 13 Best of fashion world
It is combination of handloom and handicrafts of India.  On December 13, CE spoke to  Archana Jaju’s about Jugmug.  She said, Hyderabad has taste and people value tradition. “Hyderabad is one of the best markets for traditional wear.”

Dec 20 Long live Magenta rules!
Pantone announced its 2023 colour of the year: Viva Magenta recently. On December 20, designer told CE that shade was selected by human trend prognosticators they said, ‘it’s an unconventional shade for an unconventional time.’

Dec 7 Fashion tales from Mughal era
Ankita Lath, a NIFT graduate who dressed the likes of actors Anupam Kher and Dev Adhikari, spoke to CE about her designs. She had a unique way of expressing art via fabrics, and her debut menswear collection is called Atoor, honoured Mughal architecture and its beauty.

Nov 22 Sustainable & inclusive fashion tour
Designer Amit Aggarwal spoke to CE before 16th edition of Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion Tour, on November 22. The fashion tour bought alive young, vibrant and evolving expressions of ‘Pride & Authenticity’ through the lens of a more sustainable, inclusive and diverse world of fashion & lifestyle.

Apr 20 Hues of beauty
Offering shades designed for the Indian skin tone, the brand is anchored on the idea of making beauty products that can brave rain or shine. The brain behind it, Vineeta Singh, has made her presence felt in just seven years of launching the brand. She who is, co-founder and CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics, has made a place for herself in the beauty and cosmetics industry and opens up to CE about her journey on April 20.

Dec 10 Fashion has to be comfy: Rashmika
Rashmika Mandana, now an A-list actress following her roles in Pushpa and Sita Ramam spoke to CE on December 10 about her fashion priorities and fitness regime. Fashion for her is something very comfortable. “It is not about having a million eyes on me. It is more about what I feel the most comfortable in and that is what I wear,” she said.

Nov 22 Scrunchies return!
Since scrunchies are popping up everywhere, CE speaks to designers about fun, practical and fabulous scrunchies. No 90s movie was complete without stills of Raveena Tandon, Karishma Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit in colourful matching scrunchies. The accessory is fun, comfortable, stylish, funky and practical.

Nov 3 Suit up with fashion-tech
Launched in 2015, My Perfect Fit in 2021, equipped itself with AI technology that scans face, body type and colour tone, bringing out a personalised menswear shopping experience. CE spoke to the brand using AI technology to provide highly personalised grooming makeovers and dapper-like clothing.

Sep 20 Signets turn up in style
Hyderabad’s first-ever handcrafted heritage jewellery brand ‘Mir The Label’ comes up with unique pieces of men’s jewellery and accessories. During the Nizams era, male adornment was predominant; elegant bracelets, cufflinks, signet rings, brooches and necklaces with classic pearls were a splendour of Hyderabadi men. CE on September 20 spoke to  ‘Mir The Label’, a brand started by city-based jewellery designer Mir Raoofuddin Ali Khan who is reviving heritage.


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