Consumer court orders BMW to pay Rs 26 lakh to Delhi man for failing to rectify defects in car


The Delhi State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has directed german automaker BMW to pay back the whole cost (Rs 26.3 lakh), plus damages to the owner of a 1 series hatchback that the complainant had bought back in October 2014. The Delhi-based man had started facing problems with his BMW 1 series hatch just after 5 months of ownership. Unable to rectify the issue for almost 8 years, now it has been deemed that the services provided by the automaker were unsatisfactory.

BMW 1 series (2nd gen) Launched in India in 2013 and discontinued in 2017

BMW 1 series (2nd gen) Launched in India in 2013 and discontinued in 2017.

After just 5 months of ownership, the complainant started facing brake issues with his BMW car. After receiving the complaint, the manufacturer conducted a joint test drive at BMW’s Manesar R&D centre and the issue in braking performance was acknowledged and stated to be poor. The car was sent for repairs and even after the repair work, the complainant did not find much difference from before.
The court directive stated, “The opposite parties in the present case neither replaced the said car nor rectified the defects. Therefore, we are in consonance with the contention of the complainants that there is a deficiency in the services.”

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As a result, BMW has now been directed to pay back the full ex-showroom amount of Rs 26.3 lakh for the 1 series hatchback to the complainant. The court has further issued the directive to return interest bearing on the loan (Rs 2.26. lakh), 6 percent interest on purchase amount and interest on the loan, Rs 2 lakh for mental agony and harassment, Rs 50,000 for litigation costs incurred, Rs 1.09 lakh for service and maintenance required for the vehicle, Rs 35,000 for tyre replacement done and insurance amount worth Rs 93,280, to the complainant.
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