COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS: Santa’s reindeer travel Wisconsin


TITLETOWN, Wis. (WBAY) – Action 2 News offers a nightly series through December 25. We’re calling it “Countdown to Christmas,” and each night on Action 2 News at 10 our reporters will share a story of inspiration and holiday spirit. Emily Roberts introduces us to Santa’s Crew… a handful of reindeer spreading cheer across Northeast Wisconsin.

“They look so cute!” 5-year-old Madison Millerwise from Green Bay said while standing in front of Prancer and Cupid.

The reindeer pose under the twinkling lights of Titletown. It’s just one of their stops across Wisconsin… and the globe… this holiday season. Vixen and Dancer also make a few stops.

“We travel around to different towns so that everyone can get to see reindeer. There’s many people who don’t even think they’re real… but they are!” Head Elf Sara Pinchart explained. “Christmas Eve is their big travel night so it’s really nothing for them to go to a few little stops in between.”

Sara is in her sixth year as Head Elf of Santa’s Crew. She’s busy keeping the reindeer happy and healthy as they greet people in our area.

“[Prancer] loves to play. She’s one of our more energetic ones… The other one over there is Cupid. She loves photos. She will stand there the majority of the time, rest her head on the gate and just take a nap,” Sara said.

Still… it’s not all reindeer games. Santa’s crew is preparing for their busiest time of year.

“This is their big time to shine. Other than that they’re usually resting up and whatnot…” Pinchart said. “Rudolph’s at the North Pole. A lot of people always wonder why we don’t bring him but he’s always preparing for the big day in case there’s a blizzard or some fog. Gotta be prepared.”

Sara said reindeer are shorter than a lot of people think… but they’re still loved by everyone who stops by.

“I like their antlers…and I like their fur. And the red thing on their mouth!” Millerwise exclaimed.

That thick fur keeps the reindeer warm. They also have big hooves that act like snow shoes.

“Their dewclaws on the back of their foot are longer for traction on ice… or on your roof… because you don’t want them slipping and sliding on Christmas Eve,” Pinchart said.

You can follow Santa’s Crew on social media or visit their website to see where their sleigh takes them next holiday season.


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