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Giving the gothic aesthetic a Gen Z edge with her pigtailed French fringe and dichromatic sartorial choices, Wednesday Addams has become the iconic misanthrope with her intriguing persona and sardonic comebacks. Soon after its release on Netflix, Jenna Ortega’s performance as the titular character showcasing an angsty teen seeking independence from her parents on the Netflix show Wednesday received wild popularity. Owing to the high relatability scale and sassy Kubrik stare, the anti-heroine became the number-one choice for cosplay this year. Reason? The blacks & whites channelling the “kooky” energy, the sullen charisma and the brand new teen trope, ticking all the boxes for the ideal patroness of macabre.

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Although it was Ortega’s self-choreographed Rave’N dance that stole the show, the costumes didn’t fall far behind on the assignment. Reflecting the mood and disposition of the characters, the outfits of each of the cast members narrate a whole story about them. Here are some of the dissected looks of the Nevermore outcasts.

P.S: If you already didn’t guess, spoiler alert.

1. Wednesday Addams

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A teen goth fashion icon in the outré sense, Wednesday appeals to the audience due to her non-conforming attitude, which makes a case for the so-called awkward and weird population out there, screaming that they choose to remain so, but in a cool way. The almost monochromatic aesthetic of the main character speaks to us about her social boundaries, and how she prefers to be her own person. The first fit in which the quirky Addams daughter is introduced to us is a black dress with pointy collars, which in a way warns anyone approaching her of her sharp, eccentric nature, as we all know what happened with the piranhas. As we journey with Wednesday to the Nevermore Academy and her life takes a turn in the school of outcasts like her, we find her outfits becoming more relaxed as she finds new friendships and romances.

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With a touch of Dark Academia, she starts experimenting with life and looks with her checkered fall layers and striped cardigans. The Rave’N dance, a complete blood watershed in her mortal existence (see what I did there?), saw her finally fitting in at a place, as she embraces the jaunty side of the atypical high school with tulle and offbeat moves. Finally, her evolution comes a full circle with the concluding scene of the series, where she is seen bidding adieu to the academy for the break. In contrast to the first scene with her pointy collars, we see a changed Wednesday in a lacy collar, which would be a dead no-no for the old Wednesday.

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2. Marilyn Thornhill

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An ardent devotee of the super-evil Joseph Carckstone, Laurel Gates uses the alias Marilyn Thornhill for getting up and close with the Nevermore castaways and hatching a plan in secret for a genocide-like massacre. While none of us suspected that the auburn-haired botany teacher, who called herself the ‘dorm mom’, could ever be the antagonist, her overall persona did give out the shadowed villain vibes. As a perfect example of why one should beware of too much sweetness, Thornhill tries to mask her dark intentions behind colourful flowery prints and bright red boots. Moreover, it’s no surprise that she chose red for her hair and footwear, as guess what’s the colour of revenge. Besides, neither a cat nor a woman with cat-eyed glasses can ever be trusted.

3. Morticia Addams

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The quintessential vamp, mama Addams is the vintage queen with her signature floor-length goth dress, straight black hair with a middle part and wine red lips. While Morticia Addams always seems calm and composed, giving off a serene aura, her trailing black staple gown tells us about her disturbed, dark past, which she tried to leave behind by glossing it over with her deep red lipstick, symbolizing blood. Be it the train of a dress or the trail of history, it never leaves you.

4. Larissa Weems

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Maintaining an always-smiling face, Principal Weems looks straight out of a Hitchcockian movie. With a mystical presence and covert lifestyle, the enigmatic charm of the character is brought out by her monochromatic pastels and classic feminine coats and dresses. Moreover, as we see that she repeats her pieces as well, it talks about her resourcefulness. As our feelings towards her keep oscillating between her whether being a benefactress of the Nevermore Academy or having some hidden intentions for some personal vendetta, the scepticism is translated as a contrast to her refined look, which she never fails to preserve. Is there another side to Larissa Weems? Only the next season can tell.

5. Enid Sinclair

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Super bubbly and a sunny polar opposite to her roommate Wednesday Addams, Enid Sinclair is the closest one can get to a rainbow. Adding a big splash of colours wherever she goes, this late-bloomer werewolf is the vivid kaleidoscope the protagonist needed so that she could look at the world she entered with a little mercy. While we notice that the other werewolves that were part of Nevermore have curly hair and more earthy nature, Sinclair is a mile away from that aesthetic. Probably because her family considers her a black sheep, she finds solace in her vibrant, carefree world, which includes fuzzy coats, pink berets and bright checks. She doesn’t want to comply with her family’s dictates of going to a conversion camp, and hence she carves a totally separate identity for herself, which is hyper-feminine and dripping in pink, conflicting with the wolf pack personality. Rebelling in her own subtle ways, Enid Sinclair can be the new icon for people dealing with sexuality and individuality crises.


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