Disappointing Photos Show What Train Travel Is Like in 2022


Hadden didn’t feel the perks of Amtrak’s first class — including lounge access, meal service, and more space — were worth the additional $152 she paid in February 2022.

The author's meal on an Amtrak Acela First class car

Hadden’s breakfast on a first-class Amtrak Acela ride in August 2022.

Joey Hadden/Insider

Hadden rode first-class on an Amtrak train from NYC to Baltimore in February of 2022. Two weeks before her trip, she booked a standard Amtrak Acela ticket for $121 and spent an extra $152 to upgrade to first class.

While Hadden thought the chairs in first class were big, they were stiffer than she expected.

She didn’t think her meal, a fruit plate with a croissant, in addition to lounge access and a larger seat, was worth the ticket price.

“Much like our airline peers, Amtrak pricing strategy is influenced by several factors — demand, departure, seasonality, route, city pair, class of service, and other market conditions,” a representative for Amtrak told Insider.


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