Exclusive – Charu Asopa on facing struggles in returning to work after delivering Ziana: When I started auditioning, the first thing I was told was, ‘Oh, you’ve gained weight’


Work offers have definitely dried up. In the last two years, web shows are being made in bulk and it is difficult to break through in that medium. Television shows are also getting made but the success ratio has fallen so now when the offer comes my way they say that the budget is less. For me, if I am going out to work for 12 hours leaving my young daughter home, I should at least have something in hand. I should earn something. Aisa nahi hona chahiye that I am leaving my daughter and not earning also. Then what’s the point? That’s the reason there was a delay in bagging a project because there are a lot of factors. Kahin budget nahi tha, toh roles acche nahi the. Also I didn’t want to do the same Rona dhona and abla naari roles. (Photo: Instagram)


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