Explained: New gold jewellery hallmarking system from April 1; how to trace purity of gold before buying


Gold is a popular investment and emotional purchase for many Indians. But did you know that the gold hallmarking rules are set to change effective April 1,2023? Gold hallmarking is a stamp that allows consumers to know the purity of gold jewellery and artifacts that they are buying.
In this week’s episode of TOI Wallet Talks, Nidhi Khare, the Additional Secretary of Ministry of Consumer Affairs & Chief Commissioner, Central Consumer Protection Authority explains in detail the new mandatory hallmarking rules for gold.

Gold jewellery: How to check gold purity stamp before buying; know new hallmarking rules

April 1, 2023 onwards all gold jewellery and artifacts will need to mandatorily carry a 6-digit alphanumeric SKIN or Hallmark Unique Identification. This number will help consumers trace the gold jewellery back to its jeweller and also help check its purity.
Watch the video above to understand how you can trace and check the purity of gold with the help of the 6-digit hallmark ID and the BIS Care App by Bureau of Indian Standards. Where all are the new gold hallmarking rules mandatory? Should people who have 4-digit hallmark gold jewellery or gold with no hallmarking be worried? Can you claim compensation if there is a discrepancy between the claimed gold purity and actual? Nidhi Khare answers these important questions in this week’s TOI Wallet Talks.
According to Khare, there was a need to shift to the 6-digit HUID on a mandatory basis because the sale of both 4-digit and 6-digit HUID gold jewellery was creating confusion.
Do you check gold jewellery for a hallmark number before buying it? The new mandatory 6-digit mandatory will help you make a more informed choice before buying gold jewellery.
Hallmarking of gold jewellery started in India in the year 2000. At present more than 3 lakh gold articles are being hallmarked with HUID every day, says the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. Additionally, 339 districts across the country have at least one Assaying Hallmark Centre.


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