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After winning the Female Fashion Designer of the Year award, the Chief Executive Officer of DCK Fashions, Yetunde Iyadunni Kehinde, is not resting on her laurels. Honour and recognition came her way once again, at the Ekiti Fashion Exhibition 6.0 Runway and Awards show, which held amidst glamour and razzmatazz in Ekiti State recently. Fashionistas and style icons from both within and outside Ekiti State attended the star-studded event.

“I feel very excited and honoured to be part of the fashion show, and winning award as the Female Fashion Designer of the Year. It shows that my hard work has paid off. In fact, it’s been a long way coming, and awards like this encourage someone like me to do more,” she enthused.

On what gave her the edge above other competitors, the boss of DCK Fashions attributed her success to creativity, saying, “I believe creativity gave me the edge. Actually, they (competitors) are creative and strong contenders too, but quality research and thinking out of the box helped me a lot.”

On how she intends to leverage on the award to boost her business, she said, “This award has absolutely shown that my brand is of standard and my designs are top notch. The award will help increase the number of clients I have both home and abroad, because the news has gone viral on major social media platforms. In fact, winning this award will help in propagating my brand fully in the United Kingdom.”

Having won the award, Kehinde has vowed not to relent, but to continue working until she conquers the world of fashion.

“For me, the next thing is to make the DCK Fashions brand well known in the United Kingdom and across all major countries of the world. Creativity and style is our priority, so I must ensure to work more on it to always deliver the best to my clients,” she stated.

For Kehinde, the concept of DCK Fashions all began as a student of University of Ado Ekiti (now Ekiti State University), when the Student Union Government organised a fashion show and she took part in it. But when later she decided to go professional, the fashion entrepreneur embarked on a knowledge acquisition between 2013 and 2016, before birthing the fashion house 2017.

“DCK Fashions is a brand focused on making people look beautiful, confident and comfortable in what they wear. We have different collections depending on what makes you comfortable. We have Enchant, Ebun, Owambe, Snow Drop, Vakker, Golden, La Belle, Delight, Crystal, Blue Skies and lots more. Our wears are always inspired by the event the collection is made for, the environment and colour of material.”


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