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With Donald Trump running for president for the third time, one fashion expert believes that it’s time his wife, Melania Trump, steps up her fashion game. Miranda Holder, “Your Feel Good Fashion Coach,” thinks the former first lady needs to look to Kate Middleton to get ideas on how to warm up her personality.

Holder explained to the U.K.’s Express that Melania “seemed a little bit cold” when she was in the White House making her feel “untouchable” when she was “dressed in the most expensive clothes.” The stylist thinks the former model was “lacking a little bit of humanity in what she was doing.” To remedy that situation, Holder recommends that she take a page from the Princess of Wales’ fashion playbook.

“What Kate has got so well is that she is still relatable. Kate is the ‘commoner’ in the Royal Family and has done really well for herself, but we all know where she’s coming from,” Holder explained. She added that this should make Melania feel “a bit more relatable and accessible” to the public by choosing designers that are within reach of the average American’s wallet.

Melania could “just mix and match it a little bit more to show a bit of humanity and humility through her clothes,” the fashion expert noted. Holder doesn’t expect Melania to take her advice because she’s pretty “sure they have been consulted and advised that Melania should be more accessible, but they want to do it their way.” The Melania way means haute couture, which is way behind the means of most people’s budgets, so don’t expect any changes on the Trump fashion front.

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