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CHENNAI: Distortion of history was the biggest danger the nation was facing today and no one should believe in the “history” based on imaginary stories that some people were trying to float, Tamil Nadu chief minister M K Stalin said after inaugurating the 81st annual session of the Indian History Congress on Tuesday.
The DMK leader, who has been fiercely critical of BJP-led central government’s stance on the subject, lauded the congress for its efforts to write history in a secular and scientific manner.
The Indian History Congress was established in 1935 as an academy of historians, regulating the standard works of history produced in India. Its president, Kesavan Veluthat, and secretary, Dr Mahalakshmi Ramakrishnan participated in the session.
Stressing the need for learning history, the CM said, “We should study history to know ourselves. Only those who have studied the past can create history in the present and predict the future. Such history should be science-based.”
Citing a 1994 ruling of the Supreme Court stating that secularism was the basis of our constitution, he said governments must remain secular. India had been secular in the past, but divisions and differences among people were being created by some today, he said. Stalin called for “pushing back these divisive forces” and for writing “people-centred history”. “History should not be a document that talks only about kings, their lifestyle and victories. It should reflect people from all walks of life,” he added.
Tamil Nadu had an ancient history, the CM said. “We take pride in our history, but are not backward or conservative. We speak of our history with scientific proof,” he added, highlighting the state government’s efforts to take up elaborate excavations in Keeladi in Sivaganga district and other places. TNN


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